Crawford-Ellsbury will be on display Monday

The first glimpse of Carl Crawford playing a baseball game in a Red Sox uniform will come Monday afternoon, when the $142 million left fielder makes his exhibition debut. He will be joined in the outfield by Jacoby Ellsbury, as the Red Sox can show off their new speed tandem. J.D. Drew will also play his first game of the spring, starting in right.

While Ellsbury and Crawford will get a lot of notice for their stolen-base totals, it should be just as enjoyable watching them play side-by-side in the outfield.

Manager Terry Francona doesn’t think it’s necessary to go out of his way to pair them up during exhibition games.

“They’re out there every day practicing,” Francona said. “Carl is going to catch what he can get. The whole idea is to cover as much outfield as you can so I don’t think you play somebody out of alignment but we will certainly remember that when we’re setting guys, because they’re so fast, might be able to move over a few more feet.”


Very true, Ian, it should be just as entertaining (and effective) to watch Crawford and Jacoby play the OF as well as run the bases! They should be a great defensive tandem, also!
I hope Oki has a better outing next go-around than he did today. We’ll see!

Beckett got hit with a BP ball, missed his game with concussion symptoms. I hope he doesn’t end up getting snake-bitten, and that it will only be a blip on the radar. I hope Beckett rebounds quickly– and effectively!– in his next start (whenever that be).
I really like the attitude this team is exhibiting. I hope it carries over into the regular season, and only grows from there!

Is Kalish going to get some serious playing time this year? I’ll take him over JD and JE.

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