Beckett: I feel better today

The day after suffering from mild concussion symptoms thanks to a batting-practice liner gone bad, he was back at City of Palms, but only to meet with the medical staff. Beckett was instructed to resist any physical activity today. There’s no word on his next start, but logic seems to dictate it will be pushed back at least a day or two.

Here are his thoughts:

“”How do I feel? I feel all right. I feel better today. I felt like I got hit in the head. I think getting rid of some of the headache stuff I had yesterday is probably good. No activity I guess today.”

“You go through a bunch of different emotions. At first, you’re [mad] because you don’t know what happened. Then, I tried to walk and I got real dizzy and just kind of took a knee. You just kind of go through everything. I really didn’t even know what happened. I didn’t know if I got hit by a ball from another field or what. “

“It was a little bit behind my temple.I mean, I’ve got swelling all over right there but it was just right above the ear, basically.”

Next start? “I don’t know, like I said, it’s the second day after that happened, it’s kind of hard to say. They’re not even letting me go outside at all today. I think it’s all going to be up to them.”

What did the doctors say? “I just got checked. I’m definitely better today than I was yesterday. Those were encouraging things. I don’t know where we go from here.”

A noted creature of habit, Beckett is confident this mishap won’t have a significant impact on his spring schedule. “I’ll just hope so, yeah. if I have to miss Thursday, I don’t think it will be Wednesday when I pitch. It will definitely be before then. If they push me back, they push me back.”

Batting practice coach Ino Guerrero feels bad about hitting a fungo back to the infield and hitting Beckett, rather than just throwing it back. “Yeah, he feels terrible. I didn’t want to make things worse. Like I said, at first I was [peeved]. I knew he didn’t do it on purpose. It was one of those deals, I mean, was it stupid? Yes. It was very stupid. I think he realizes that now. Like I said, no sense making him feel worse than he already does.”


Is Ino Guerrero still with the team?

Good, the news sounds positive on Beckett. Hopefully, he can get right back on the beam and not miss too many ST starts. If he can get off to a good start in the season, we should be right on track. GO SOX!

There are too many layers of bureaucracy in baseball these days. Isn’t Dave Magadan the hitting coach? He should be out there when the boys are taking BP. Besides, haven’t the players been taking batting practice their whole lives? They ought to know what to do by now. Who knows what Ino will be telling the hitters? Cripes, if he is aiming baseballs at the star pitchers he may be capable of anything. Lugo Guerrero.

I like what I’m seeing from Lester! So far so good for Aceves and Pap! Keep it up! GO SOX!

All the injuries to pitchers around baseball, I’m glad to hear a good report on a guy who, when he’s right, is one of the best in the game. I hope he stays healthy and has a great season.

It’s great to see Papi hitting well in Spring Training. Maybe with less pressure on him he can get off to a good start this year. He’s got plenty of protection in the lineup now. Relax Papi, relax.

“Cripes”, Arnie? And here, I thought I was the only one on the planet who uses that word– and exactly the way you used it! That’s too funny!😉
Glad Josh Beckett is feeling better. It probably is a good thing, anyway, that he is not making his next start, even though he is cleared to resume “baseball activities”. I hope he can make the start after Thursday, and that he’ll pitch effectively.
Maybe Jacoby needs to avoid Ino Guerrero… first Beltre, now Ino… just sayin’…

You’re right, Arnie, it is great to see Papi get off to a great ST start. I hope he does keep it up, right into the regular season! GO SOX!

Imagine if Papi keeps on hitting like that from the 6 or 7 slot in the line-up?😉

Greg, if you ever hear someone say, “Jeezum Crow” or “Jeezum”, you know you’re talking to someone from “the north woods”. But I digress, Cripes is a great word, made even better by the fact that it is seldom used these days. How about, “Jimminy Christmas”?
When we were kids everything was Wicked This and Wicked That; that has fallen out of fashion but might be making its way back into the vernacular lately. I saw a tee shirt that had “Wicked Pissah” on the back last fall. Gotta be from Bahston.
The Sox are going to be wicked good this year.

“Jiminy Christmas”, I rarely use– “Jiminy Crickets”, all the time, Arnie!😉

I’m loving what I am reading about Andrew Miller, in particular. He is one, among many, of the pickups that we made this winter (which may initially have gone under the radar) that could really be a GREAT find! He has a ringing endorsement from Daniel Bard, his ex-teammate. Miller is concentrating on getting back to fundamentals, and I am glad. I am getting more excited about this team by the hour! GO SOX!

Hey Greg. I am pretty familiar with “Jiminy Crickets.” I can’t remember when I heard that last! I like what I am seeing with the Red Sox so far. I am really looking forward to some real baseball. We are still snowed in out here in our part of the West Coast. We will be in touch. Paul. GO SOX.

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