Gonzalez debut is a hit

Upon arrival into the Red Sox clubhouse today, the security attendant at the door said, “Pretty nice lineup today.”

So I glanced and there it was, Adrian Gonzalez batting third, and playing first base.

Recovering from right shoulder surgery, Gonzalez had yet to play an exhibition game this spring.

But on his first pitch of the Grapefruit League season, Gonzalez ripped a line single to left. And it was against one of baseball’s best — if most underrated pitchers — in Josh Johnson.

Here is the full lineup. Aside from Cameron in for Crawford, it’s a lot like what you will see on Opening Day in Texas:

Ellsbury CF
Pedroia 2B
Gonzalez 1B
Youkilis 3B
Ortiz DH
Drew RF
Cameron LF
Saltalamacchia C
Scutaro SS

Lackey SP


There is plenty of good reasons to be excited about 2011. But two dark clouds are hanging over (my) head. It’s only ST. But Beckett has pitched as “effectively” as Dice-K. If Lackey has a far better ST than Beckett, I don’t see why Beck cannot be relegated to being a no.4 starter. The Sox have experimented with Beck since 2007 injury or no injury. And which Pap will stand up? Pap of old or Pap of ’10? Go Sox.

I somewhat agree with Andy, but I definitely think that they should still be open to shopping Dice-Kespecialy in a deal including a very promising catcher. Many other teams in the past have taken on much more of a salary bonus burden that what is riding along with him. Who knows.. maybe San Diego, Oakland, or Seattle will take the extra $$baggage. After all, It’s that much closer to Japan.

While the subject of Japan is up, God Bless all the family and loved ones of all the missing and passed in Japan. My prayers are with you.

As far as Andy’s comment about which Jon-Bon will show up>>>>??? I don’t know, but he needs to be very aware of how well Daniel Bard is going to be this year. I saw him today and he is looking good. BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID JON-BON!!!
Come on baseball, get here already!!

I agree with Andy on Beckett’s “effectiveness”. It was rather distressing to watch Beckett go from near-complete domination of the strike zone to complete and total disintegration in the 5th– and that, after not too many pitches– right around 30 in 4 IP, almost all of them strikes! The complete MELTDOWN (I don’t know any other way to describe it) was VERY difficult to watch– even in ST.
I was also rather disappointed to see the lack of patience at the plate. NEITHER team showed any inclination to take a pitch, except JD Drew (kudos)– it was like they had a plane to catch in 30 minutes. I don’t know if that was the “gameplan” for both teams for the game, but I wish our guys, esp. our youngsters, had shown some plate discipline. A lot of “one pitch, one out” ABs– not good (one reason Josh’s pitch total was very low…)
I do hope the team does return to some better form once the season starts (if not earlier…), or we’re going to have a lot of 14-11 games…

I am a great fan of Beckett. Now comes a time every pitch from Beckett is a nail biter and when an out is recorded is a sigh of relief. I hope comes the opening day, a new Beckett will emerge under Curt Young’s guidance. We need Beck for solid 6 innings at least.
There is no taker for Dice-K. So they are working on his pitches. Hope it works for him. Although Diceman is a fifth starter, we don’t want to throw away every fifth game. Go Sox!

Now THERE’S progress!– Salty threw out a runner vs. the Yankees! He CS Granderson! Way to go– can we get more of that in the regular season? (We might actually have someone who can CS someone– don’t tell em!…)😉 I am quite pleased with what I have seen from Saltalamacchia this ST– incl. with some bat production! YAY! Keep it up, Salty! GO SOX!

Gotta love that NY has another “Melky” on their roster– instead of Melky Cabrera, they have Melky Mesa! Hmmm…

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