The roster is final, time to play ball

So the roster is officially set. Hideki Okajima and Alfredo Aceves had options, and were sent to Triple-A Pawtucket. Matt Albers and Dennys Reyes did not have options,  and therefore they made the team.

So here is the roster you will see on Opening Day in Texas.

Catchers: Jarrod Saltalamacchia and Jason Varitek. Infielders: Adrian Gonzalez, Dustin Pedroia, Marco Scutaro, Jed Lowrie, Kevin Youkilis. Outfielders: Carl Crawford, Jacoby Ellsbury, J.D. Drew, Mike Cameron, Darnell McDonald. Pitchers: Jon Lester, John Lackey, Clay Buchholz, Josh Beckett, Daisuke Matsuzaka, Jonathan Papelbon, Daniel Bard, Bobby Jenks, Dan Wheeler, Tim Wakefield, Dennys Reyes, Matt Albers.

That said, what are your main concerns with the season gets ready to start. Please chime in here with any and all comments.

Sorry there was a lag between blog entries. We were in the middle of installing new software.


Still not sure what to think about this new format. We’ll get used to it, I suppose…
If our pitchers were to pitch up to their capabilities, we’d be in great shape. I haven’t seen that happen yet– none of the starters really shone this ST. I hope they return to better form once the season starts. I am not so concerned about our lineup putting up runs– I think that will happen, and the new guys will adjust relatively quickly, I think. Salty seems to have been a brighter spot this ST, both behind the plate, and even showing a little power with the bat. If he does that, that’s gravy to me– I’ll be happy if he can be the anchor behind the plate that can throw out a runner or two. I hope so! Let’s PLAY BALL! GO SOX!

i agree with you Greg, id like to see at least 3 of the 5 starting pitchers have good seasons. Dice K needs to step it up, Beckett not sure about him, hes hit or miss. not to worried about Buchholz and Lester. If we can stem away from injuries, i think we will be at the top of the AL East. Peace, Go Redsox!!!!

No Kalish but they got McDonnel?

The only thing I’m truly concerned about at this point is the bullpen. I really feel like hitters can always just sit dead red against Papelbon, and he’s been leaving his fastball up and out over the plate more and more, and his fastball has NO movement. I have even less confidence in Jenks. My prediction is that Bard will be closer by July.

It sounds like we are going to have the team to beat this year. As I live in California, I am going to have to call Comcast today and get my MLB station paid for. I moved here from New Hampshire in 2004, and have had the MLB station so I could keep up with my Red Sox. Good Luch Guys!

Why was Okajima sent to Pawtucket? Did he not do well in spring training? I thought he was a great reliever. I live in Richmond, VA and we used to have the AAA Richmond Braves (which gave me a chance to see the Pawtucket team a few times per year) but now we have the AA Richmond Flying Squirrels so I don’t have that chance anymore.

Beckett is scaring me, and the back end of the bullpen looks like it could be trouble. Offensively, I think we’re golden!

Beckett and Papelbon remain the biggest question marks.

And where is Ortiz in all if this? It doesn’t look like he’s injured or anything. From what I can see he did well in ST. He seems to be left out of the opening day lineup. I understand he is a DH but I dont see him on the opening day roster.

I say we start Lester catch v-tek since he knows his pitches better. Have Gonzalez at 1st, pedroia at 2nd, scutaro at ss, youk at 3rd and not sure about left Crawford in center and drew in right. Maybe have crawford in left and ellsbury in center?

I hope that spring training is NOT an indication of how the season will be. I’m excited about the new line-up! I think that Crawford, Gonzalez and Salty will fit in perfect in Boston. Can’t wait for April 1. GO SOX!!!!

Im not to sure Bobby jerks is the best choice for a relief pitcher (after Saturdays performance allowing 6 runs in a single inning.) I personally felt better with aceves regardless of him having options or not. I think with a team as good as the sox we can’t have cancer like jerks stinking up the team. ST was sad toward the end and most of that is huge numbers on both sides our pitchers just let to many runs by, I hope for a great season, go sox.

Atchinson was optioned to Pawtucket over the weekend as well. I see on another site that they do list Ortiz in the lineup for opening day. It also explains why Okajima was optioned to Pawtucket. ( Not sure why he wasn’t listed on this site’s lineup.

I assume Papi should be in there too.

What more to say.. Now it’s up to the bats, the bullpen, and our king spit n chew…
Go Redsox……

Beckett…left hand relief…and of course, everyone’s health.

You Forgot Ortiz!

Concerns: largely untested catcher and the backend of the rotation, especially Beckett.

David Ortiz?

The Red Sox will be OK if the pitchers pitch and Big Papi has a good April. Otherwise, wait till next year.

Well, Dice-K is starting to pitch well, so if he keeps that up going into the season, I think we will all be very happy with what we have here. I don’t think our bullpen lasts very long like this, but you gotta start somewhere. Only a matter of time until Okajima is back with the Sox again and I hope he does better this year, and I think there should be a pool on how long people expect Paps to remain the closer, or even on the team.

What about David Ortiz?

Injuries, of course, are a concern. The biggest questions for me are Beckett, Lackey and Papelbon. If they can regain their form, then the Red Sox should be in the thick of the playoff race.

I wondered what the delay was. usually IT problems.
Main concerns. Beckett & Paplebon. Also not convinced about middle relief.If we score enough runs and steal enough bases then that sould be o.k but its risky

My main concerns? Beckett and Paplebon

Looks good on paper…..Go Sox

My main concern right now is that they took Brownie points off of the Redsox home page!!!!!!!!!! IAN is there a link there that I didn’t see??

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