Ortiz starting fast this year

His previous two seasons marred badly by anemic starts, David Ortiz has come out of the gate swinging this year.

He just clubbed home run No. 2 on the season, a shot to right against Rangers righty Colby Lewis.

Not many teams have a No. 6 hitter with the power potential of Big Papi. Last year, Ortiz didn’t go deep for the first time until April 23. It was far worse in 2009, as he didn’t hit his first homer until May 20 and his second until June 6.

Combined over the last two years, Ortiz hit .196 with one homer and 15 RBIs in April.

As a DH, Ortiz now has 1,003 RBIs, tying him with Edgar Martinez for first all-time among DH’s.


I couldn’t be happier that Papi has started off this fast. This is what I have wanted from him the past 2 years– I just hope he keeps going, esp. back at Fenway! GO PAPI! GO SOX!

I’m thrilled for Papi. I just wish his bat could knock some sense into other players, namely Crawford!
And, while he’s swinging, maybe he can knock some sense into the bullpen! Curt Young isn’t.

Why do we have Lackey? I’ll tell you why, because we paid WAY too much for him and now we’d have to eat his contract. Why do we have Beckett? I’ll tell you why, because we paid WAY too much for him so we’d have to eat his contract. Starting pitching may kill the team this year. Let’s hope Dice-K has found his niche otherwise its going to get ugly.

Three up and THREE DOWN. Sox look bad out there. Can’t hit, can’t pitch. Fundamentals are terrible.

Even with the sweep that we fans (oh, and the guys too) had to endure over the weekend, my belief has not been diminished.
It’s up to We, the Boston RedSox Faithful to rally round the team.
I think a trip to Cleveland might just be what the Dr ordered.
Well that and some really good home cooked recipes from our Chef Du Season Arnie…
What do you have in store for the guys to really step up their game this week???? I’m just sure it’ll be NUMMY…
Hit us with the menu Arnie!!!

actually after reading what I just posted, i think that it is up to US not WE… grammatical brain fart, sorry!

Well it is only April, but unfortunately the obvious hole in the RedSox team strategy (at least initially) is already playing out more pronounced than ever. Pitching. I have felt that for some time the Sox have overrated their pitchers. We have such a bias towards them — that is good I in one way, but still they aren’t as good (comparatively to the league) as we think. Too much inconsistency amongst most of them. Even Lester is not as dominant as most of us say he is — and Bulkholz (the most consistent last year) has never been tried under post season pressure. The rest have really been just barely above average at best for years: Beckett, Dice-K, Wakefield, Lackey — its at least since 2007 since any of them showed any consistency of dominance whatsoever. Combine that with the fact that our best hitters (which are great) are also a bit more streaky by tendency (imo) than would be ideal — and I’ll bet it will be more of the same this year. Sorry, all — I know its a very difficult business, but I have been convinced (reluctantly) that Bill James and Theo and crew, though very consciousness and willing, are not the talent scout gurus I once thought they were. Too much money on Lugos, JD Drews (who I like), Lackeys — to win my confidence on scouting/chemistry genius. Look at the Rangers — for now one has to argue there offense is more potent than ours — and for probably a substantially less payroll, you have to admire their pitching (and they loss Cliff Lee as well).

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