Road trip shifts to Cleveland with new lineup

Here we are in Cleveland, where the Red Sox, after a month and a half in Fort Myers and then a weekend in Texas, are now faced with cold weather for the first time.

Josh Beckett is on the mound, taking the ball at this field for the first time since he saved a championship season for the Red Sox in Game 5 of the 2007 ALCS.

At gametime, it is expected to be 42 degrees, but says that it will “feel like 35”.

At any rate, manager Terry Francona has made another adjustment to the lineup.

Carl Crawford will bat second and Dustin Pedroia moves to the three-hole.

Here is the new entire alignment:

Ellsbury CF

Crawford LF

Pedroia 2B

Gonzalez 1B

Youkilis 3B

Ortiz DH

Drew RF

Saltalamacchia C

Scutaro SS

Beckett SP


Gonzalez should be hitting 3rd – He is your best pure hitter.
Love Petey but he should be 2nd. Crawford should be 5th.

I like the new lineup and think people need to give this team more then 3 games before they judge them I also think Crawford will be just fine and like him in the 2 hole

that’s no it the order at bat Francona, you are wrong! this is!
1. Carl Crawford
2. Dustin Pedroia
3. Adrian Gonzales (titan)
4. Kevin Youkilis
5. David Ortiz (big papi)
6. Jacoby Ellsbury
7. JD Drew
8. Jarrod Saltalamachia
9. Marco Scutaro

Why no Varitek?

Change in the lineup?? Hey, whatever it takes to get this train running.
Come on Mr Joshua, notch the first “W” for us!!!

Well now, who’d a thunk the Sox would be off to a snappy 0 and 4 start?
Don’t worry, Tito and the boys will right the ship soon.
Cmon Sox!! GO GO GO!!!

The Sox are in a rut and ruts happen. Psychologically, I think everyone is trying too hard and lacking confidence. The Boston press is all over Crawford — give the guy a break. This is a new field for him. It’s only four games into the season. The Sox will do just fine if they would just relax and play the game like they can play the game. Wow, listen to me!

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