Captain debuts for 0-4 Sox

Headed to the park with an 0-4 lineup, the Red Sox have made one change to the lineup tonight, giving captain Jason Varitek his first start of the season behind the plate.

It is adverse moments like these when the Red Sox probably benefit most from still having Varitek around. He has a way of holding the team together, particularly the pitching staff.

Red Sox starters are 0-for-4 in quality starts, and perhaps Varitek’s presence can help Daisuke Matsuzaka change that trend tonight.

Jarrod Saltalamacchia is clearly struggling at the plate right now, and he’s probably feeling the burden of what is taking place from the mound, so his day off is well-timed by manager Terry Francona.

According to research done by ESPN, no team has ever won the World Series after going 0-4. I wouldn’t read much, or really anything, into that stat. For starters, there aren’t a ton of teams that get off to 0-4 starts, and even less with the caliber of players this roster has. How many World Series teams have had at least one four-game losing streak? I would venture to say, almost all of them.


“According to research done by ESPN, no team has ever won the World Series after going 0-4″… Here comes the scientific-data-obsession again. The MLB history needs a historian. Any offers?

Keep the faith – just the way we always do.

Our pitching will come around, giving less pressure on our offense. I wouldn’t have our team built any other way and am incredibly greatful for Crawford and Gonzo on our squad now.

We will be fine. 0-4, 0-10, whatever. It’s a long season and a great team. We’re not fairweather fans.

– Heath Clendenning

I won’t give up on the Sox. It’s a humbling lesson. With such soaring expectations I think everyone is feeling the pressure. With such a high payroll, the Sox are almost expected to walk away with a title but good teams are not made of money. So many teams out there do it with raw talent breed from the farm systems. Are we now the new New York Yankees? I hope not.

The Twenty-Sixth Man
It feels as though it was weeks ago, but really it has just been a week and a half when the Boston Red Sox were projected by the majority of analysts to be THE team to beat in the American League East. Powered by a formidable lineup, adorned with a solid and enviable rotation, and given what looked like a much-improved bullpen, the Boston team looked indeed like the team to beat.

So what happened? After five straight losses from Opening Day, the pitching is looking mediocre at best and the power in the lineup—where did that go? It should be noted that Big Papi is off to a fine start and Ellsbury too. Well? Fans are screaming doomsday. No one seems to have any answers? What is IT?

Could the pitching coach change from John Farrell to Curt Young be a factor for the rotation? No offense at all to Young—great credentials. But the guys were used their John Farrell? Is that it?

Everyone is healthy….Was it starting the season with the first two series on the road? Ah, we fans and analysts alike know only too well how our team can falter on the road. But five games straight out of the gate?

Perhaps the last point, as silly as it may sound, is not that far off. Traditionally, the Boston Red Sox fare very well at home in the old park, the gloriously improved Fenway. Is it that? Is it Fenway’s unique shape and structure? Is it the salty wind blowing in from the North Atlantic? This is really starting to sound bit nuts.

Wait…perhaps we are forgetting an element here—oh yes, the fans, Red Sox Nation. The team’s fanatical base of diehard fans, perhaps the loudest and most loyal in professional sports, has not been at the first six games, at least not anywhere near the numbers that appear at Fenway.

Time will tell…let’s take another look in ten days. It just might be that the Boston Red Sox have been missing a critical element to their team—the twenty-sixth man, Red Sox Nation live and in your face.

NOTE: If the theory proves correct, and the Sox just take off when they finally hit home turf April 8, Red Sox Nation ticket holders might deserve some ticket discounts.

I am convinced this is a team that is trying way too hard. They have way too much talent to be in the hole. Nevertheless, I can’t imagine the psychological damage that the team is feeling right now. It’s almost comical. It seems only the Old Timers team might give the Red Sox a chance to win. Fortunately they are only facing the Yankees coming home (AH)

Good time for us to finally get a win! Looks like neither Lackey nor Hughes did particularly well. Glad we are DFAing Reyes and bringing up Doubront, though– Reyes was tough to watch. Let’s start a winning streak, guys! GO SOX!

I was also encouraged, even with the loss yesterday, that Lester pitched so well. I hope that gets him, and our pitching staff in general, on track! Way to go, Jon Lester! GO SOX!

I won’t post until the Sox get the first win. It’s a shame that Lackey got the W and not Lester. The Sox won because Hughes was worse than Lackey. I am glad they brought up Aceves. This guy can pitch two strong innings and spot start if his back holds up.
With Lester’s notable exception, the Sox starters hadn’t had a quality start yet. Also, if Crawford and Youk don’t start to hit soon, it’s gonna be a long season. Go Sox.

I see that Zazu is *ahem!* “retiring”. Hmmm…

What a way to end a career. Zazu is gone. “retired.”
Glad the Sox got a win. Lackey is once again showing how much he is worth to the team.

ZaZu gone rather than face another suspension, Glad the bats woke up

GREAT game by Beckett last night! That was the Beckett that has been MIA for a while, and which we have been waiting to see re-emerge. Kudos to him– I hope he repeats it many times, starting with his next outing! We FINALLY got him some RUNS (still WAY too many LOB…)!
Kudos, also, to Lester for the great game he pitched last outing (yes, I know it was against the Indians). He pitched well enough to get the win, and he deserved better. If we give him some RUNS to work with, he’ll win plenty, if he pitches like that!
As bad as this first 6 games was on the road trip, and as bad as we often looked against the Yankees, we actually OUTSCORED them for the series (17-15–look it up). We could have scored MANY more runs. So, if we start cashing in the opportunities we give ourselves, we’ll be in FAR better shape, and we’ll win MANY more games! Let’s get it done, guys! GO SOX!

Congrats, also, to Buch for his contract extension. If he gets back on the beam and pitches the way he did in 2010, he’ll continue to get paid for many more years after that contract! GO BUCH! GO SOX!

Beckett was certainly a beast last night.

Beckett was a beast last night!

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