Varitek wowed by Beckett

Jason Varitek isn’t prone to hyberbole. If anything, he is usually pretty guarded with praise, just like he is with criticism. So it means something when he is as impressed as he was with Josh Beckett’s performance on Sunday night against the Yankees.

Where did the performance rate in terms of pure stuff?

“Best I’ve seen him. As far as complete, absolutely,” said Varitek.

Beckett is at his best when his power can be off-set with his non-power stuff. He had all that stuff going against the Yankees.

“Very good,” Varitek said. “He had a good feel for his curveball. I think the power on his four-seamer set all that up.”

Did Varitek see a game like this coming?

“Some outings, you saw the power out of him in spring,” Varitek said. “It was no secret he was making some adjustments, making some mechanical adjustments and doing things. It’s not always an adjustment you can snap your fingers and make overnight. It’s a very good lineup. They were one man down [Alex Rodriguez], but the guy who took his place is pretty good himself. It was a very big start for us.”

Of course, with Varitek behind the plate for Beckett’s masterpiece, there will probably be public obsession now with whether the captain should handle all of Beckett’s starts. But manager Terry Francona doesn’t seem inclined to go in that direction. Instead, he will work in whatever direction gives him the best matchups, and also provides the most rest for the starting catcher, Jarrod Saltalamacchia.


Last nights game was awesome. Lets keep up that good work.
And it was a treat to have Jason as the catcher- play him more often please, after all he is the Captain.
and Happy Birthday Jason.

Josh indeed looked like he was throwing some of his best stuff, let alone in a while. He reminded me of the 07 ALCS and WS Beckett, and others were referring back to his WS 03 matchup against the Yanks. I can see why. He really looked good. The big question (to me, anyway) is whether he keeps it going. If he does, look out. Lester didn’t look too shabby last time out, either. MAYBE our pitching is finally showing its potential! What might we see out of Dice-K tonight? (Hmmm… might need some more offense this time. We’ll see!) GO SOX!

The Rays so far are dreadful!

When O when is the organization going to smarten up and GET RID OF Saltalamacia (spelling)..He is AWFUL he can’t hit worth of s**t and hit in the clutch is something that is foreign to him the strike out’s and bad swings are minor league, he can’t even get a decent throw to 2nd base on a steal it goes on and on. HE NEEDS TO GO NOW! the pitching staff is WAY 2 good to have such high ERA’s he doesn’t talk to the umps doesn’t settle down the pictures and is constantly being shaken off he was a TERRIBLE pick up Tek should be there a majority of the time I can do w\o his hitting he can handle the pitching staff unlike the other waste of roster space. And if it’s not saltalamacia it the new pitching coach 1 of the 2 has to go now b4 it’s WAY 2 late…Whats it going to take to have this happen? The expectations are way 2 high to be 2-8

OK – Now that Tampa has wiped out the Sox, can Francone see that the only games the Sox have won are when Veritek has been the catcher??? Salty has no clue as who the batters are and needs a ton of work! I know no one is hitting well, but come on this team has some good pitchers – not all of them can be this bad at once!!

It’s middle of April. Nothing is going right for the Sox. The day you have pitching but 0 offense and vice versa another day. The Sox lost three out of four series played. It would be a great accomplishment if the Sox can reach 500 mark.

Hi all.. Hope that Clay-boy has a stellar night.. 1st inning? not so good, 5th not so good.. COME ON CLAY GET IT TOGETHER!!
and Agon.. When in Boston?? Play reallly really good or you’ll ge your but handed to you on radio and in the press!!
See y’all tomorrow!!

Okay.. It’s not groundhogs day is it?? The same thing over and over and over again!! I’ve had about enough of this C*R*A*P.
Get off your over paid butts and win. Earn your freakin’ paychecks!!
My time on the soap box expired!!

Since Tek caught Beckett again, he should be pretty wowed again. Beckett did another very good job today– he is looking like the Beckett of old, that we’ve been waiting to see again!

I wish and I hope this Toronto series is the turning point of the season. Dice-K was spectacular. I don’t see the Sox starting pitchers have gone 7 solid innings yet except this afternoon.
What’s wrong with the bats of Crawford and Youk (albeit his HR). Until today, the state of the Red Sox is scandalous.

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