First of four in Anaheim

Tonight, the Red Sox open a four-game series in Anahiem, where J.D. Drew will lead off, Jason Varitek will catch and the scorching-hot Jed Lowrie will be in the lineup for the sixth straight day.

Varitek and Saltalamacchia will share the catching position this weekend — each guy starting twice.

Prospect Ryan Kalish injured his shoulder today for Pawtucket. At this point, it doesn’t appear to be serious.

Matt Albers is back in the bullpen, activated after a minor lat injury. Alfredo Aceves went back to Pawtucket, where he will be stretched out as a starter.


4 game sweep is hard to come by let alone on the road. Great job by the Red Sox. The ERA of the starting pitchers for the last 9 games is below 1. There are few surprises (pleasant and otherwise) of the young season other than the horrible start, the hitting although it seems to come out of the doldrums, Dice-K, Lackey, and Beckett. Who would have thought that Buchholz is the weak link of the rotation?
Keep the streak rolling against the weak teams in the next two series. Go Sox.

well as we all knew the sox are rolling…the talent and type of attitude players they have couldnt have been held down for long…cliche follows….hitting is contagious….crawman will start rockettin the ball…..yuke will start to swing AND not just look for walks…pedey is pedey…and agaon will be his rock hard daily producer….pitching will fall in place…alll will be well…i like this line up best
catcher…i dont think salty has as much leash as rptd….he isnt good enuff of a def catcher to ignore his light hitting..

watch for ryan lavarnay…..GO SOX!

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