Fenway Friday

Some nuggets of note from Fenway, where the Red Sox are set to open a four-game series against the Twins.

Alfredo Aceves is back in the bullpen, replacing Scott Atchison, who was here for just a day. Aceves did a good job the first time he was up, and was sent back not because of performance, but because of a roster crunch. He should be particularly beneficial over the next few days, because Tim Wakefield is starting tonight, and will need some rest before he is available in the bullpen again.

Jon Lester will get some extra time before his next start. Beckett will vault ahead of him in the rotation and pitch Monday night. Lester will open the two-game series at Toronto on Tuesday.

This would set up Buchholz, Dice-K and Beckett to pitch the series in New York, though they’d have the flexibility to pitch Beckett Saturday and Lester on regular rest for the Yankees’ finale if they want to skip Matsuzaka in that series.


Beckett deserved a better fate than a ND. Despite a great walkoff win last night, the Sox were 1/13 in RISP and left 11 on base.
Iglesia’s speed bailed out Tim Bogar. What if he got thrown out at the plate and the play was close.
For the last 9 games Crawford was batting .361. I would move Crawford up in the lineup as I suggested many posts ago. Go Sox.

The Sox had been unsuccessful in prior attempts to reach 500. With Lester on the mound 500 is certainly not unreachable unless the bats collectively go into slumber. Cautiously optimistic that the Sox will take off from hereon. 500 is a big deal considering where the Sox are coming from a horrendous start. Move Crawford up the order. Give Tim Bogar a lot of credit for waving in Iglesia from 1B with 1 out. Go Sox.



I wish the sox had away to trade John Lackey because he STINKS’ I know he has a big contract, but I wish we could get him out of BOSTON

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