Ortiz to appeal suspension

David Ortiz has just received a four-game suspension for his actions in an altercation with Orioles righty Kevin Gregg. He is expected to appeal the suspension, according to a source, so he will be on the field Friday night when the Red Sox open their three-game set against the Rays.


the pitcher should be suspended as well..if he isnt…..that is b.s…he was goading big papi to do something and he did…and running his mouth…i agree with papi…..defend ure self..and gregg is just JEALOUS of the red sox..cuzz he is tired of being a LOSER!!!! HA HA…YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW..GREGG!!!

ha ha..baltimore especially mr no class gregg…

What did the other folks who were involved get?

MLB has suspended David Ortiz and Baltimore pitcher Kevin Gregg for four games in the wake of the brawl last Friday. Baltimore pitcher Mike Gonzalez was suspended three games for throwing at Ortiz on Sunday. Orioles manager Buck Showalter also received a one-game suspension for that incident.

I think Gregg should have gotten a lot more since he instigated the brawl!

I just saw on the Internet that the pitcher got a 4 game suspension. Since Ortiz plays every day, that is a true 4 day suspension. Since the pitcher only pitches every 4 or 5 days, seems more fair that he be suspended for 4 pitching days.

Johnson & Saltalamacchia were fined for aggressive actions. Lackey was fined for intentionally throwing at Derrek Lee during the top of the 7th inning in the Saturday game.

I totally agree, the pitcher, Gregg, should receive 4 pitching days suspension. He originated the altercation and should get just as much punishment as Ortiz.

I am glad Papi is appealing the susp.; it would be nice if Papi could get it reduced, even if only to 3 games, and he were to sit out the series in Balt.. No need to revisit the same scenario on their field. Gregg, since he is a reliever, would not be able to pitch in relief for 4 days (unless his susp. is also reduced). Perhaps he’ll miss the rematch, also. I hope so. GO SOX!

I’m going to wait and see on Beckett’s injury, and whether he’ll pitch in his next sched. start– let alone pitch effectively. I hope he does both. I like what I have seen from Miller, but so far, he is not an ace, but more a middle-rotation starter. I hope we don’t miss out on Lester and Buch for more than one start, either. If Lester can make his sched. start also, and we have Beckett and Lester back in the rotation, we’ll be in pretty good shape. If not, and Miller is our de-facto “ace”, we are in a world of hurt. GO SOX!

I agree with your assessment of Miller. If the Big Three were out for an extended period of time, the rotation would be Miller, Lackey, Wake, Weiland, Aceves (not in that order) or they will bring up another pitcher from AAA. Fortunately the offense is there to carry the team until the rotation is fully recovered. We need Papi’s bat for the Rays series. Papi can sit out out of the Oreos series.

Unlike some others, I wasn’t sold on Miller.. He had only faced National League teams prior to last night and boy, did it show!! He just is NOT the same guy that he was when he started with the Marlins. I think that Theo will be doing some shopping come months end. Gotta have someone in the background to fill in when the Rotation has injuries (when don’t they??). Lord, Miller looked like he was throwing BP last night!

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