Jenks to the DL; Buchholz waiting for more progress

In an alarming development,  Bobby Jenks went to the DL today for the third time this season. The injury? The same as the last one.

“Bobby experienced pain in his left mid back area when he was warming up last night, similar to the past injury,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “He’s going to fly back to Boston today and we’ll get him checked over the weekend.”

The Red Sox have called up lefty reliever Randy Williams from Pawtucket to take the spot of Jenks on the roster.

Meanwhile, Clay Buchholz felt a little progress when he threw yesterday, but he knows that his back is still not fully healed.

“Obviously I want to be pitching, I want to help the team in any way I can,” Buchholz said. “Me going out there not 100 percent, or not 80 percent, I don’t think is going to help the team any. I think if I rush back into it, it will be something that will be here for the rest of the season and I don’t want that. I’d rather be ready to pitch at 100 percent and I feel like that’s the way that I can help this team win.”

Buchholz did feel a little better when he played catch yesterday.

“It definitely did,” Buchholz said. “Went out there, just basically wanted to play catch at 50 percent and I actually went a little bit harder than that because I didn’t feel anything like I thought I was going to. Throwing has never really been the issue. It’s been pitching when throwing off the mound. I don’t think I’m at that point yet but yesterday was a step in the right direction for sure.”


Initially I thought Wheeler is a good pick up. not any more. Miller I will give him another start to see if he deserves to be in the rotation. It is hard take a loss when the team scored 6 runs. If Miller or Weiland can’t do the job, Aceves can.

Jenks to the DL, eh? Jenksed again… Go figure.
I hope Beckett is solid on that knee to be effective on Sunday. We’ll see.
I also was excited to have Dan Wheeler come on board at the beginning of the year. I have been surprised, with all the success he had against us, that he has been so disappointing for us. MAYBE he’ll turn it around for the second half, but I am not sure about that, at all. Makes me wonder why we don’t have Oki in the BP– he could hardly do much worse! Morales is hardly an upgrade, either.

The Sox offense is here to bail out a sub par starter any day. It’s Francona’s job to figure out when to yank a starter. It’s not an easy job for any manager. I am pleasantly surprised by Reddick’s bat. Is this Pedroia’s contract year? LOL.

jenks has been a bad sighn. older than his age, over weight, more hits than innings pitched. surprised theo whent for this ageing vet.

Another outstanding outing by Beckett and didn’t get the W. Albers should buy Reddick a dinner and more. Francona was wise not using Wheeler or the the Sox would have lost 0-1. Aceves was near perfect for 3 innings. What else can you say about Pedroia for his bat abnd defense?

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