Tick tock … Tick tock

Here we are, t-minus three hours until today’s non-waiver trade deadline. There have been no splashes coming from Yawkey Way, other than the trade that almost happened but didn’t.

The Red Sox, as you’ve probably heard by now, we’re close to trading Lars Anderson and a player to be named to the Oakland A’s for oft-injured Rich Harden. But after reviewing Harden’s medical records, Boston’s medical staff was left unconvinced Harden could make it through the rest of the season healthy. It sounds like they asked for some contingencies, perhaps lessening the impact of a second player — or taking out a second player entirely — if Harden had health issues in his time with Boston.

From there, things digressed and things fell apart. Now the Red Sox are trying to find something to supplement their pitching staff. Ubaldo Jimenez is off to the Indians, assuming he passes his physical. Hiroki Kuroda decided he didn’t want to be traded.

As Epstein and his staff worked the phones in the final hours leading up to the deadline, manager Terry Francona got ready for a game against the White Sox.

The game will be in progress when the buzzer sounds off at the end of the deadline.

“What I expect to happen is what always happens: [Theo will]  work his rear end off, and if something makes sense to him, he’ll do it,” Francona said. “If it doesn’t make sense, he won’t. I’ve got a lot of confidence in his ability to make good decisions. It’s an exciting time. It’s exciting for everything. You look up at the TV and you see all kinds of guys — one guy is warming up, one guy is not warming up, he’s pitching, he’s not pitching, he’s in Cleveland. There’s all kinds of [stuff] flying around. I’ve got a lot of confidence in his ability to do what’s right for the organization.”

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