Time to submit your Red Sox questions

It’s been a while since I’ve answered a batch of questions for a Red Sox in-box. I will answer any and all good and relevant questions on Monday morning for posting on redsox.com.

Please submit the best questions you have to the following e-mail address: redsoxinbox@yahoo.com

I need you to include your name and hometown with your question.




what was the reason for Jacoby Elsboury to change his jersey number to number 2 now I bought a tshirt with his old number now I’m afraid to wear it. why, why.

I look great in boy shorts and a baseball cap! Can I model for you?

What is an infield fly rule? In one of the Red Sox games they had one but didn’t explain what it was. I’ve been following the Red Sox for many years and never heard of this. Please help. Thanks

why dont we pick up any good starting pitchers.instead of wearing are good ones down

Is Saltalamachia the long term look at catcher?

I was wondering why the Redsox released Kevin Millwood without getting anything in return? I know his WHIP was high, but he was 6-2.

Hi I was wondering if I could talk to Dustin pedroia because I swear to god I am his biggest fan in the world! I know everything about him.And have dreams about meeting him almost every night!!

Ever since Dice-K was out of player list, I pointed out the starting pitchers would be the biggest issue for Red Sox for going to play offs. Per recent RS performance many Red Sox fans have agreed there are only 2 capable SP now, how can Red Sox go deeper into ALCS or even the WS?

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