V Day at Fenway

There was a buzz in the air at Fenway Park tonight. Bobby Valentine just brings that. It’s going to be fascinating to see how this chapter of Red Sox history unfolds. In truth, the Red Sox had Valentine at hello.

Once the offer came, Valentine just took it.

“I think my response time was about 20 minutes. And there was no counter offer that I asked for. I was very comfortable. Let it be known, I would have taken one [year],” Valentine said.

Instead, the Red Sox have him for two years, plus, if they desire, two club option years.

“That’s the way I would put it, that he’s the right man for the job,” said Red Sox owner John Henry. “The right man at the right time for this particular team. We’re set to win, we should’ve won last year, we’re built to win. We thought, in the end, that Bobby was the person most capable of taking us to where we want to go in 2012 and 2013. We’re not at a point right now where we’re building for the future. We are trying to win now. We always try to do both, but we felt he was the right person at the right time for this team.”

Valentine, by the way, is wearing No. 25, a significant number in Red Sox history because it was worn by Tony Conigliaro.

“I might have been his last roommate, and I think I was,” Valentine said. “He was trying to make a little comeback when I was with the Padres. I had such admiration for him. We both got beaned. We talked about it. I never was really able to talk to someone about when that ball slows down right there right before the impact, and it’s a lousy conversation. But I was able to talk to him about it and it was a bonding kind of thing.”

In a classy move, Valentine also paid tribute to his predecessor Terry Francona during his press conference.

“With all due respect to New York, I can’t imagine that there’s any tougher place to be good at what I’m going to try to do,” Valentine said. “Tito did a remarkable job, a fabulous job from viewing him outside and watching what happened over his tenure, you could do nothing but tip your hat and hope that you could replicate some of the wonderful things that he was able to accomplish.”


I really thought he nailed the presser. I feel a lot better about the guy after watching that performance.

Practice your Vulcan salute. It will be used again!

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