Sveum, Mills, Farrell weigh in on Sox

Three former coaches from  Red Sox championship teams all held court at the Winter Meetings on Tuesday as managers of their respective teams.

Yes, Terry Francona, who was officially unveiled by ESPN in a conference call Tuesday, has a bit of a managing tree.

Dale Sveum, the Red Sox third base coach in 2004-05, is the Cubs’ manager, and interviewed twice with Boston before Bobby Valentine was hired.

Brad Mills now enters his third year as manager of the Astros after serving as Tito’s bench coach in Boston from 2004-09.

And John Farrell, Francona’s pitching coach from 2007-09, is entering his second year with the Blue Jays, and reportedly was the object of Boston’s affection this winter, but the Blue Jays weren’t going to let him out of his contract.

Was Sveum surprised his dialogue with the Red Sox didn’t go any further than a second interview?

“I don’t know if it was a surprise or not.  It was basically that time where somebody was going to offer me a job or not offer me a job,” Sveum said. ” So the Cubs offered me the job first and that’s kind of where it ended up anyway, after my second interview.  After going through all those second interviews, it was just nice to get one offer.”

Mills is getting a chuckle over Francona’s move to broadcasting.

“Every time I talk to him now I say is this off the record or on the records,” laughed Mills. ” I’ve always told him, too, that if he’s on TV he might have to spend two hours in makeup just to be on TV. But you know what, all that aside, you know how much I think of him and how great a job that he did there in Boston.  And he’s going to do a great job with ESPN, as well.  You guys ought to know that even better than I do.  It’s pretty cool.  And I’m thrilled to death for him to be able to do that.”

Farrell on the perceived interest the Red Sox had in him to be their next manager?

“Well, first and foremost, I’m a Toronto Blue Jay.  There was a lot of speculation, an article that started out that created a lot of feedback, and I totally understand Paul and Alex’s approach to having to change a policy to deflect and really squelch out a distraction that started to be created,” Farrell said. “You know, it’s humbling when your name is associated with a potential opening, but I’m completely happy here, committed to the Blue Jays, and to think about any other place or any other position while you’re doing your own is a disservice to where you are.  I’m excited about being here and look forward to putting this team together to win a World Series here.  That’s our stated goal.  That’s what our goal has been, and I’m happy to be doing it here.”

Thoughts on Boston’s  September collapse and the fallout that came with it?

“I never saw some of the things that people would read about,” Farrell said. ” I really can’t comment on what took place inside of the clubhouse there.  I know in the time that I spent there, I didn’t see the things that were being reported on.     They’re our opponent, so it’s our job right now to attempt and work towards overtaking them in the standings, and that’s our approach day in and day out.  I really can’t comment on what took place there.”

How about Bobby Valentine as the new Red Sox manager?

“Well‑respected baseball guy,” Farrell said. ” The Red Sox are always a challenge for anybody, and they’ve got a lot of good players.  We’re going to have to play extremely well to move ahead of them.  Changes take place all over this game, but we know they’re going to be a very tough opponent.”

Not much else has happened Red Sox-related here in Dallas thus far today. Andrew Miller re-signed for one non-guaranteed year. David Ortiz has until midnight at the end of tomorrow to accept arbitration. Boston is expected to meet with Ortiz’s agent Fern Cuza here in Dallas today.



Congrats to Tito on his new gig as a broadcaster! He’s been fun to listen to. I’ll look forward to him joining ESPN’s MLB broadcasters.
I will be interested to see if Papi accepts arb., and how our DH role plays out. GO SOX, 2012!

Best of luck Terry and to the Sox in 2012.

I think that Tito will do a great job for ESPN and baseball viewers alike!! At last someone that I can listen to!! Maybe he can take a 2nd job with Fox and kick McCarver’s butt out of the booth!! GOOD LUCK TERRY FRANCONA!!

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