Red Sox won’t have to know Yu too well

Wow. Never thought the $51.1 million bid the Red Sox made five years ago for Daisuke Matsuzaka would be topped. But in swooped the Texas Rangers, who won the latest Japanese sensation Yu Darvish with a $51.7 million bid, according to Yahoo’s Jeff Passan.

The Rangers have 30 days to make a deal with Darvish, otherwise he is returned to his team in Japan.

This is a win for the Red Sox, if only because the Blue Jays were heavily rumored to have posted the winning bid on Darvish. So instead of facing Darvish five or six times a year, the Sox will only have to see him once or twice.

The AL West will be a must see division this year with Albert Pujols and C.J. Wilson with the Angels, and now Darvish in Texas, assuming the sides can make a deal.

Matsuzaka wound up signing a six-year, $52 million deal. It will be interesting to see what Darvish gets from Nolan Ryan and the Rangers.

Darvish seems to be more of a pure power pitcher than Matsuzaka and also looks to have a sturdier physical presence. But how will he fare in the Texas heat?

And for all of Matsuzaka’s detractors, if Darvish can pitch the next two years like Dice-K pitched his first two years for the Sox, the Rangers have themselves a pretty good pitcher. Their goal is to make it last a lot longer than that.


I am very glad we did not get in on the Yu bidding. Once was more than enough on that approach. I thought the bid was going to be considerably higher than it ended up. Good for the Rangers– we’ll see if they actually sign him.

I agree. Although DiceK’s first 2 seasons went well, its still way too much money to throw at a player that has never thrown a pitch in the US. How well will he transition into MLB? No one knows this and 51 million (or 50 in the case of DiceK) is way too much money to throw at an unknown entity.

I thank the good lord above we didn’t go for him… I mean he could prove us all wrong but it ain’t worth the risk. We went out and overpaid for Dick-K and basically got John Burkett plus a few MPH on a fastball.

Merry Christmas CHMAN!!!! Good to know that you’re still around!!

Good to see you posting again, Chman712! Hope to see you post here more often!(And hopefully, some other old regulars!) Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, everyone! GO SOX!

Reddick traded for Andrew Bailey. Both Reddick and Lowrie traded. Hmmm!!!… I wonder if Kalish and/or McD is on track for RF, or if another move will be made.

Perhaps a partial answer to my own question, with OF Ryan Sweeney in the trade. We’ll see how he fits into the mix for RF.
Interesting to me that the Yankees picked up Oki for a minor-league contract… hmmm…

wow guys, the welcome backs meant a lot to me. I am glad to see you all are so well. Ya know we were always a family here. I remember coming here in 2007 during my senior year of high school as a BoSox fan stationed in the Bronx lol. Years later and times sure have changed. I am engaged now too. But hey i hope you all had a merry christmas.I am glad we went out and got Bailey from the A’s. If things pan out and we have a bullpen with Melancon (i hope i got that right) and Bailey then we look strong in the latter innings.

how good can this guy be??!!

I say bring the fool on…..Sabathia huh

Congrats on your engagement CHMAN! I hope that your bride to be is a RedSox fan!

I wish Hideki Okajima all the success in the world! (except vs our Sox!) I liked him, I know he became less effective his last season with the Sox, but good luck to him none the less!

I agree. Shes a Yankees fan so its interesting lol. Oki I always will respect and be thankful for what he did for us. It will be interesting to see if he bounces back in the Bronx.

So, what do you guys think of the starting rotation this year? Beckett (who could have had few more W’s if he had run support), Lester (who is our other ace), Bucholz (who can dominate when healthy), Bard (who is electric), and Aceves (who could be possibly the top number 5 starter in the league). I like it. The top three guys in the rotation are intimidating when healthy and have beaten the Yanks numerous times. The pen is looking fine with Melancon (assuming his NL numbers translate over), Bailey, and Jenks. Three top notch relievers there. Then you have others like durable Atchinson. Guys like Doubront, Miller, and Albers fill in the slots. I would miss Wakey though. They should keep him as a spot starter and long reliever if Cherington can figure that out. I wouldn’t count on Dice-K… next thing you know he comes back in August then slips on an ice cube and misses the entire season altogether.

Chman, the big question in my mind is Bard. I am not so sure he will remain in the rotation. If he does, great. I do think we’ll need another starter for the 5th slot, for injury and back-up, if nothing else. Jenks is going to be coming off surgery, and we’ll see when/if he returns if he pitches better after rehab than he did when he first arrived. He wasn’t so good. We’ll see if Miller returns, and if so, which Miller we get. He has a lot of upside, but… Dice-K, no, I’m not figuring on his return, incl. in Aug./ Sept. I have been one of Wake’s biggest fans during his career, but I do not see him returning– I think it is time to turn the page. I do hope Melancon and Bailey produce in the AL East. So, there are at least some questions– we’ll see how Cherington deals with them. GO SOX!

Good point. Unfortunately we haven’t had the same luck as the Yankees as it pertains to low budget band aids like Bartolo Colon lol. Hopefully we can find someone to take Wakey’s previous role. Maybe it’s time to bring up someone from Triple A to get their feet wet out there? Honestly, at this point, I am not even sure.

Speaking of someone who might take Wake’s role, or who might fill in the 5th slot in the rotation (I do hope Aceves remains in the rotation!) if Bard does not– I want to see how well Tazawa has progressed. He got back late last year after Tommy John surgery of his own, and he’s still very young. I hope he can be incorporated into the rotation before long, and perhaps be a key contributor. I hope he can deliver some much-needed innings next year! We’ll see! GO SOX!

Ive always liked Tazawa it would be interesting to see how he does. I hope they give him a shot. Doesn’t hurt to try.

Greetings from Vermont. Also having been a Wake fan for so long I am sorry to “potentially” see him go but feel like Aceves has produced in the way that Wake was expected to for so long. I am still thinking that there’s a strong chance that Aceves could end up coming back into that long relief and spot start role he was in last year. I understand he was looking for a starting spot and out of any of the talent in the bullpen his skill set translates to as much of a known quantity as anyone. More so than Bard in my opinion. I just think he may be too valuable as a fixer to lock in a starting role. Especially with the lack of success the team had last year trying to find other pitchers to do what he did so well. I am hoping there’s a Tazawa or someone out there ready to do some heavy lifting in the stretch.

Interesting trade the Mariners made with the Yankees– Pineda for Montero and Noesi. Hmmm… It will be interesting facing Pineda, but I am kinda glad we’re not going to face Noesi or Montero on a regular basis! I am surprised that the Yankees were willing to trade Montero, but hey…

I see we signed Vicente Padilla. Don’t like that move at all. Zambrano Redux. SIGH! GO SOX!

it is shock they traded montero. Padilla I am not down with that move neither. They could have done better. Either way, go sox!

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