Padilla will come to camp as starter

While the Red Sox definitely have options when it comes to newly-acquired righty Vicente Padilla, he will at least open camp as a starter. So beyond the big three of Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz, that leaves a crowded competition for the final two rotation spots between Daniel Bard, Alfredo Aceves, Aaron Cook, Padilla and Carlos Silva.

“He’s going to come to camp as a starter,” said Red Sox general manager Ben Cherington. “He’ll be a part of that mix, competing for those last couple of spots. He’s pitched out of bullpen, too. He knows there’s a chance if he makes the team and we need him more in the pen, he may end up going to the pen. He’s focused on coming to camp as a starter and trying to make the team in one role or another, but he’ll come to camp as a starter.”

The Red Sox hope this signing winds up being similar to the one that brought Aceves aboard a year ago.

“He’s looked good. We saw him throw in Nicaragua a couple different times. Stuff looked very similar to his time recently in Los Angeles before he went on the DL there,” Cherington said. “Velocity was good. He has an assortment of offspeed pitches. He probably spans the velocity range about as wide as anyone in the game today. He showed that in Nicaragua, as well. We had a chance to meet with him last week in Fort Myers and talk to him and take a look at him. We were pretty pleasantly surprised about how he looked physically, specifically as it relates to his recovery from the neck procedure he had last summer, and just generally looked pretty good. So we pursued a deal with him, and we’re happy to get him signed.”


Like I said on the previous post, I am far from thrilled by this signing. It has nothing to do with his stuff or his velocity, but rather with Padilla himself, where his *ahem!* “control” just seems to–oops!– “disappear” at just the right time. If I thought that his temperament might not get the best of him, he’d be a fine pitcher. In a Red Sox- Yankee series, let alone a Red Sox- Rays series, that is one variable we do not need on the mound. I hope he does not make the team. SIGH! GO SOX!

I’m with you about Padilla. Maybe out of the bullpen, but not in the rotation!

Good for Jacoby! $8 mil for this year, not a bad pay raise! He earned it– I hope he continues his great production and stays healthy! Congrats, Jacoby!
Crawford with wrist surgery? Hmmm… and that wasn’t diagnosed until recently? That might have helped– might not be ready for Opening Day. Go figure…
Looks like Darvish got his deal with the Rangers– there seems to be news that it is now official. God for him, and for the Rangers.

Just wondering, did the Red Sox lose Paul Byrd’s cell number or did he change his number? Padilla, Cook, and Silva, where’s Jason Johnson when you need him? Wade Miller anyone? Shoppoing at Walmart usually doesn’t work out.

Clearly, Boston doesn’t want to spend when it comes to adding a starter. Thanks in part to Theo’s signing of Dice-K (over 100 million with the 51.1 posting fee included) and Lackey and his ugly contract. Dice-K is expected to join the Red Sox sometime this summer and Lackey will be hanging out somewhere far away, thank heaven.

With the way this team is constructed, they are the 3rd best team in the division and probably the 6th best team in the AL. TB has the best starting pitching in the division, but are offensively challenged at times. The Yankees will hang around because they are the Yankees. Kuroda might not be the best fit in NY, he’s prone to the longball. Pineda is solid and should only get better. Of course, the biggest question is can Pineda handle the pressure??

Bobby V. might add a spark but I’m not sure if it will show up in the win column. If I had to take a guess on the number of wins for Boston this year, I’m going with 89-92.

Scutaro dealt to the Rox for a pitcher (Mortensen). Hmmm… I dunno…

The only way I will be for the trade is IF the sox use the cap space to land a good free agent or two. Padilla I am not excited for in any way shape or form. Glad to see Jacoby and Bard have been patched up a little financially. Hope all turns out well. Go sox!

Scutaro was one of the few players that earned his cash last year and played hard until the very end. You can’t say that about most of the Red Sox players in 2011, especially in the month of September.

That all being said, I’m okay with having Avilies at ss and signing Oswalt to fill out the rotation. Starting pitching will be the determining factor when it is all said and done, not Marco Scutaro. I believe Oswalt (assuming Boston signs him) would have more of an impact on the Red Sox in 2012 than Scutaro. I’ve never had any confidence with him out there. His throws always scared me and his range is limited. He’s a “gritty” player and I respected his game and he brought his best effort every night and you can’t ask for more than that. One thing that bothers me about todays athletes is they will take a game off and go through the motions out there and it’s very obvious when they do that!

For the last five seasons we have seen J.D. Drew patrolling right field. Overall, his time in Boston was a waste of time. I know he had the big HR against the Tribe (game 6 2007 ALCS) and had the only hit against King Felix back in April of 2007 (Dice-K’s Fenway debut) also came up with clutch hits in October of 2008, but no way was he worth 70 million dollars for 5 years.

Theo fell in love with Drew and had to get him, it didn’t matter what the cost was going to be. Boras also claimed he (Drew) was a five tool player. Theo and the Red Sox also led everyone to believe that Drew would be the perfect five hole hitter. How did that work out? Drew played five seasons in Boston and never drove in more 68 runs in one season and in five years ended up hitting 80 HR’s in roughly two thousand at bats (2012 is the exact number). That folks is not the definition of production.

It looks like the Tigers are bringing the thunder in 2012 and beyond. Prince Fielder signed to a big $$$$ deal, Boras strikes again! Whether you like Boras or not, he always gets $$$$ for his client. Nobody does it better than Boras. He got Jayson Werth a deal worth over 120 million, enough said.

If V-Mart doesn’t get hurt (likely done for the upcoming season) unlikely Fielder gets this deal from the Tigers. That is a lot of dough tied into two not so athletic looking individuals. Miguel Cabrera like Fielder is a great hitter with trememdous power, but not your prototypical looking athlete. Babe Ruth would be proud. Prince Fielder will not be the only Fielder that ever hit bombs in Motown. Remember, his father Cecil got his career cranking in Detroit after returning from a stint in Japan. Last time I heard father and son were not on speaking terms.

The AL seems to get tougher and tougher with each passing week. Last week it was Yu Darvis signing with Texas the two time defending AL champs. Out West you have Pujols with the Angels and their tremedous starting pitching, not too mention the Texas Rangers. Athletics and Mariners have no chance in competing in that division. Angels and Rangers should be battling for first place when it is all said and done.

The Tigers (Prince or no Prince) were going to win the Central. In the East, I believe it’s between the Yankees and Rays. I wrote on here last week that Boston is the 6th best team in the AL and my mind hasn’t changed!

Boston is the 6th best team in the AL.

I think the Sox should have spent the $6M and kept Scuturo. They will end up wasting it on someone with less talent before all is said and done. The way the Sox have been going the last couple years $6M would have been a bargain for Scuturo. Really..saving $6M with this payroll? Oswalt won’t last the season and Jackson has control issues. Cody Ross??????? It’s scary times in Boston.

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