Red Sox contract info

Here are some details for some of the contracts of recently signed Red Sox players.

Of Matt Albers’ $1,075,000 contract, $650,000 is guaranteed.

Andrew Bailey gets a $50,000 bonus for 50 games finished and 55 games finished, plus $25,000 for All-Star appearance, $25,000 for Rolaids Award, $25,000 for LCS MVP, $50,000 for World Series MVP, $100,000 for winning the Cy Young, $50,000 for finishing second and $25,000 for finishing third. He’d get the same 3 bonuses for top 3 finishes in MVP race.

Jesse Carlson’s split contract is $160,000 for Minors/$650,000 for Majors. $15,000 for 20 games,25 games, 30 games, 35 games, 40 games, 45 games, 50 games, 55 games, 50 games, 65 games. He gets $50,000 if he is Comeback Player of the Year. If he is not on the 40-man roster by April 1 or the 25-man roster by 60 games, he will be released if requested or be added to roster within 24 hours. If not on the Major League roster, he can sign with an Asian team for $50,00 by 2/19. $75,000 IF BETWEEN 2/19-4/3. $100,000 IF AFTER 4/3, or he will be added to the roster within 24 hours.

Aaron Cook’s contract is for $1.5 million if in the Majors. He gets $250,000 for 15 games as a pitcher, $500,000 for 20 games, $500,000 for 25 games, $750,000 for 30 games. He gets $50,000 if comeback Player of the Year. If he’s not on the 25-man roster on 5/1 or 6/1, he will be released if requested of added to the roster within 48 hours.

Andrew Miller gets an incentive of $50,000 for 20 games as a pitcher, and for 25 games as pitcher.

Vicente Padilla’s Major League base is $1.5 million. he gets $550,000 for eight games started, and another $550,000 for 11 games started, and 16 games started and 20 games started. He gets $600,000 for 24 games started, 28 games started and 32 games started. He gets $100,000 for 15 relief appearances and 20 relief appearances. He gets $150,000 for the following relief appearances: 25 games; 30 games; 35 games; 40 games; 45 games; 50 games. He gets $200,000 for 55 relief appearances and 60 relief appearances.

Cody Ross has a $3 million base salary, but incentives for plate appearances. $250,000 for 425, an another $250,000 for 475 PA or 130 games. He gets $250,000 for 525 plate appearances of 140 games; $250,000 for 575 PA or 150 games (Maximum of $1 million). He would get $25,000 for a Gold Glove; $50,000 for World Series MVP.

Kelly Shoppach’s $1.35 million salary includes another $100,000 if he plays in 70 games, $150,000 for 80 games, $150,000 for 90 games.

Carlos Silva’s Major League contract is for a million. He gets $100,000 if he starts 10 games and another $350,000 for 15 starts; $500,000 for 20 starts; $650,000 for 25 games started; $800,000 for 30 games started. $30,000 for each relief milestone: 25 appearances, 30 appearances, 35 appearances, 40 appearances. He gets $75,000 for 45 relief appearances and 50 relief appearances. He gets $150,000 for 55, 60 and 65 relief appearances and $50,000 if Comeback Player of the Year. If he’s not on the 25-man roster by 4/15, he will be released upon request or added to roster within 48 hours.



These contracts fascinate me.
I am so glad the Prince Fielder contract isn’t ours…

Bailey gets $50,000 for 50 games finished. As opposed to 50 games saved, so I gather– incl. non-save opp’s, etc., I guess. OK, interesting. I am still hoping that Padilla does not sniff the Bosox mound this season. I’d like to see Aaron Cook have a rebound year with us, but I don’t expect it. I hope he does– I liked him with the Rockies. I would like to see Andrew Miller progress and become more consistent this year, but again, I am not so sure. We’ll see!
And yeah, I am with you, TooSoxy, I am glad we don’t have another mega-contract in Da Prince.
Let’s play ball, already! GO SOX!

if carlos silva is making thirty starts ,then the sox will be having much bigger problems to worry about ..

maybe ol’bud can work up a contract like these for the theo compensation . If the cubs win 75 games we get a shortstop , if they win 80 games we get a shortstop and a starting pitcher , etc..

No real superstars, the rising contracts is not good for baseball fans in the long run.

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