Bobby V. doesn’t buy Jeter’s legendary ‘flip’ play

One of the most memorable plays in Yankees history, without question, came on October 13, 2001. It is now known simply as the flip play. In Game 3 of the Division Series between the Yankees and A’s,  it was the bottom f the seventh inning, the Yankees clinging to a 1-0 lead and down 2-0 in the best-of-five series.

Terrence Long belted a double into the right-field corner, and right fielder Shane Spencer air-mailed two cutoff men. Somehow, Derek Jeter was standing on the first base side of the pitcher’s mound, and caught the errant throw, and then flipped it (as you see here in the video) across his body to catcher Jorge Posada. Jeremy Giambi inexplicably never slid, and was tagged out. The Yankees won the game, and the series.

And more than 10 years later, new Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine pretty much considers the play to be blind luck.

Valentine had his team work through just about every type of cutoff and relay during Tuesday’s workout, but he didn’t incorporate a version of the Jeter ‘flip’ play.

“We’ll never practice that,” Valentine said. “And I think he’s out of position. And I think the ball gets him out if [Jeter] doesn’t touch it, personally. The Jeter-like simulation today is that idea of what the first baseman and third baseman [are doing] as the ball is coming in because they have to read and maybe change the position where the shortstop is when the ball is coming in from right. He does have to react to the ball. When you see the ball in flight, you have a chance at those positions to adjust. He was out … it was amazing that he was there. I bet it was more amazing to say they practiced it. I don’t believe it, personally.”


Thanks Bobby. I always said that toss was superfluous; the throw gets him whether Jeter cuts it off or not. The only difference between Manny Being Manny’s cutoff of Damon’s throw is that Jeter at least made it look smooth while Manny just looked like a fool.

You do not deserve to be a major league manager because of your comments on Derek Jeter’s flip play. If that’s all you know about baseball, you should go back to Japan and sell rice and fish-heads. Every other adjective I have heard from knowledgeable baseball people about that play is one of tremendous appreciation and amazement. A shortstop sizes up the situation and makes his decision to be in the right place at the right time and makes an unbelievable play to save the game and the season. You certainly do not need to inflame the rivalry w/ the Yanks, it’s been the hottest in sports for years, but I guess you didn’t know that. The only other reason for such a ridiculous and incredibly stupid (you are the only person, ever, to state such an inaccurate remark) statement must be because you fear the Yankees so much. I can see why you need to boost up team morale, looking back at the 7-20 record last September, blowing a 9 1/2 lead. You also stated that Tek ‘beat up’ A-Rod. He pushed him in the face and that was it. If I was wearing a catchers mask, chest protector and shin-guards I would fight Godzilla. Speaking of Godzilla, Bobby, go back to Japan and get a job, because you won’t last a full season in Boston.

um,, who was 2001 and has to do with the yankees…why does he care? why are we talking about this in 2012 in spring training?

His an idiot! why would he even talk about it? since he took that job as Boston’s manager his been talking trash about the Yankees.. like that’s gonna get his team 1st on the AL East. Red Sox when from a decent n classy manager to a loud mouth fool who sucked as a player, n haven’t even had a successful managerial career. He should get another job.

It didn’t look rehearsed, but it sure worked out well for them. Bobby may have a point about Jeter being out of position, though, and cutting a throw which may have nailed the runner anyway.

Yes, just more yankee hubris to add to their “legendary” franchise. The play in question looks more like a little leaguer trying to get involved in a play he has no business in. Bobby V. is right, it was pure luck, and it didn’t even get the yanks the world championship in ’01.

hey bobby V you best let a sleep dog lay. could bite you in the ass “not a professional way to start your stay in fenway”

Are you kidding me, all you people who are dogging bobby can shut the F!@# up, You people are retards, seriously, who cares whether or not he made a comment like that, the point is he said it and the media heard it, where you there, did you hear what questions were being asked, maybe the media hyped up questions to make this an article to write about, he had the team practicing relay plays and situations, the one that Jeter did was obviously not practiced and was spurt of the moment, thats why he made a comment he did, dumb@$$’s its spring training wait till the season starts to talk crap about coaching, judge mental idiots!

Amazing instincts by Jeter to get where the throw was going to be, and amazing athleticism to get the ball to the plate. One of the most amazing plays in baseball, plain and simple (and I’m a Red Sox fan). A great play, and Jeter is one of the best in the game.

When I saw him in ESPN I used to thank the good Lord this fool wasn’t our manager. I did NOT want this clown in Beantown. Great, so far he is proving me right. He is only going to put more attention on us now that dumb sack of shit.

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