Doubront thinks he’s ready to stay in Majors

Lefty Felix Doubront was a bit out of sorts at this time a year ago. His arm was already troubling him and he didn’t come to camp in the best shape. He is healthier and leaner this time around and seems to have a legitimate shot at the fifth spot in manager Bobby Valentine’s rotation.

On Saturday night, Doubront gave up one hit and struck out one over two innings in a 6-3 win against Boston College. It was the nightcap of the day-night, college doubleheader.

He has been working hard behind the scenes with new pitching coach Bob McClure.

“My delivery today was awesome,” Doubront said. “I worked hard in my bullpens and throwing program, playing catch. I feel normal. The first time was a little bit hard to me because there was something I didn’t do before. Tonight, I feel like it’s pretty good, my delivery. When I deliver the ball in front of my face, I feel good.”

There is just a more confident look to Doubront these days.

“A lot better. My offseason was the most important to me. I worked hard to get rid of the injuries from the past, worked more in my legs and my shoulder. I feel a lot different. My body feels probably more alive and there’s less pressure on my arm,” Doubront said. “My legs are stronger now. ”

After going up and down between the Minors and Majors the last two seasons, Doubront sounds as if he’s ready to have his permanent address changed to Boston.

“I’ve got a lot of confidence, and I feel pretty much ready to be in Boston and to start with the team. That’s what I’m working to show the manager, that I want to be there,” Doubront said..

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