Bard still fighting for fourth spot

While there seems to be a general assumption that Daniel Bard will break camp as Boston’s fourth starter, manager Bobby Valentine is still in the evaluation phase.

“I’m not there yet,” Valentine said.  “I don’t know that anybody’s being necessarily analyzed in a vacuum, not on this whole team. I think it’s what the team needs, how he looks at what he’s doing, how he fits into that rotation with the people that can come into the game when he leaves. But he’s done real well. He’s going to make the team.”

Bard is pitching tonight at JetBlue Park against the Blue Jays.


I’m hoping Bard has a better outing than he did last time out. I hope he does cement that slot in the rotation. I am still curious to see if Aceves fills one of those slots.
Let’s PLAY BALL already! GO SOX!

The best thing for the Sox, Bard, and the pen, is if he falls flat on his face! The boy doesn’t know how to “pitch” yet, won’t be able to provide the innings, and will likely hurt himself. In addition the more innings he pitches will only bring out his control issues. For all of our sakes I hope he fails as a starter!

Bard had that one lowpoint in the second inning, but after that settled down and found his groove. He sat down the last eight Toronto hitters, including whiffing Jose Bautista on a nasty pitch. I thought those sequence of pitches to Bautista were excellent. If this was during the regular season, Bard would have pitched into the 7th inning. What more could you ask for from a starter towards the back end of the rotation. I also felt Bard pitched well against TB on March 10th and that too was a start. The game he struggled was when he came into relief and also pitched after a lenghty rain delay.

If you’re going to make Bard a starter, have him start! Give him a routine, that is what starters are accustomed too. Starting one game and then the next game you’re coming out of the bullpen, I believe that is a recipe for disaster.

Personally, I would like to see Aceves in the rotation and put Bard back in his familiar spot in the bullpen.

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