Dice-K could pitch by early June

For all the drama over who will be Boston’s fourth and fifth starters, it is interesting to note that Daisuke Matsuzaka could be filling one of those slots by early June, according to Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine.

Dice-K threw two simulated innings on Thursday.

“Matsuzaka threw two simulated innings. After the first four pitches, he looked pretty good,” Valentine said.

A reporter asked Valentine if July 1 was a realistic date for Dice-K’s return.

“July? I think that that’s more than realistic, yeah. We have it mapped out before that. Closer to June 1.  Yeah. I man, potentially. And there I went. I threw out a date, didn’t I?”


Good news! You need to proofread more closely, Ian.

June of what year? lol. If Dice-K pitches for the big boys prior to the All Star break I’ll be surprised.

Will Aceves and Doubront round out the rotation? I’m guessing we’ll see Bard back in the bullpen setting up Bailey.

The biggest difference between Boston, NY, and TB is starting pitching. TB has six starters (probably Wade Davis coming out of the pen) and the Yankees have several arms with Petite joining the club. Just wondering, if we’ll Aaron Small return to the Yankees?

As of right now, I think Boston is a third place team. Their offense should score enough runs (whether it’s Iglesias or Aviles at short) but it all comes down to pitching and that is Boston’s weakness.

I’m just glad we get to see College basketball tonight!

Is that true about Francona running out of gas in Fort Myers? Very funny story. Then again, his team ran out of gas last September, too.

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Hey, Brian! Very much agreed on Bard– I see him coming out of the rotation. I also think Aceves will be in the rotation, and we’ll see if that works out well. I think he’s going to be our best option– and we’ll see if that is “good” or not. “June of what year?”– well said. I am not counting on that for Dice-K, at all– even after the AS Break. I also think 3rd place is about right– I don’t see us getting past 90 wins, and that may be a stretch. Here goes nada! And hey, my team is in the NCAA tourney!😉

Bard out of the BP, I should say. I think he’ll be back in the BP, poss. even as a closer. GO SOX!

If Bard does go back to the bullpen, he’ll be the set up guy for Bailey. If Bard ends up in the rotation, Aceves will go to the pen. No chance both of them end up in the same spot. That would make no sense.

During the broadcast, Francona called Lars Anderson a former first round pick. This just in Tito, he was selected much later in the draft.

Looking forward to when they start playing for “real.” None of this spring training nonsense. These games are very boring. I think I would rather watch re-runs of Leave It To Beaver.

When it comes to the NCAA Tournament, anyone but Louisville (no Celtics fan could root for Pitino) and Kentucky because their coach is a crook!

Glad to see Lester have a really solid outing today. I would love to see him continue that throughout the season! Hopefully, Beckett and Buch will do likewise, and we can get the other 2 starter slots sorted out in short enough order. GO SOX!

Someone must have told Lester today it’s May. lol. Lester is the only pitcher I have confidence in. I’m putting him down for 17-19 wins with an era around 3.00 when it is all said and done.

When it comes to Beckett or Buchholz I have no clue on how they’ll do. It wouldn’t surprise me if Beckett won 18 games or he ends up on the DL for three months. I feel the same way with Buchholz, not sure how he’ll do this season. Will Buchholz duplicate his 2010 season? Will he end up somewhere in the middle? Maybe 15 wins with an era around 3.50

With Doubront having the inside track for one of the two openings, who gets the other spot? Aceves? Bard? Aceves got bombed on Saturday against the Phillies and Bard looked okay yesterday against the Jays. Boston stretched out Bard yesterday in Dunedin, he was knocking on the door with nearly 90 pitches thrown. The start before he threw 83 pitches against Toronto. Tough day for Bard away from the diamond, his Tar Heels melted down the stretch against KU.

I find it amazing that this team with such a big payroll has question marks within its rotation. Not money well spent. How can a team with the second highest payroll in the game have nobody solid towards the end of its rotation? And please don’t even mention that Dice-K and Lackey are hurt and that is the reason. Dice-K hasn’t shown me anything since 2008 and Lackey’s best time in Boston is when he isn’t pitching.

I was reading that Lackey apologized for his comments about the beer swilling in the clubhouse last season. But I don’t know what he’s apologizing for; was it his use of the word retarded? I don’t see what there is to be sorry about in his remarks. He is entitled to his opinion. And he’s right that ball players have been drinking beer in the clubhouse for a long time; I do think, however, that he is missing the point. It’s not about the beer and chicken per se, but the loss of focus and team discipline last year.
Francona is right, the beer ban is a publicity move, although he should keep his mouth tightly closed on that front.
Perhaps Lackey can’t see what the problem was. Sometimes one is too close to see what’s really happening.
On the other hand, the Sox are looking like they might surprise us and be quite good. If only they can get that pesky starting rotation thing squared away. Look for 95 wins.

ooh yay, yippee… (DRIPS SARCASM). I was hoping that he had pulled his last muscle, etc in a RedSox uniform.. All that money for him and except for a snapshot of “really good” all we got was an average (sometimes less) pitcher!

p.s. What’s up with Jenks getting a DUI Thursday?? Matt Bush from the Rays also, though his circumstances were much more heinous, he critically hurt someone. I read that Jenks said he had taken muscle relaxers and hit a car leaving a club. Man oh man.. These guys KNOW better.

Arnie…I agree with you about Lackey and his apology. Personally, I think he’s a retard for offering an apology. I’m guessing Lackey’s agent or someone in his camp told him to say that. For some reason in today’s world we are so worried about what
people think, everyone is too sensitive for my taste!

Again, I agree with you about the team showing a lack of discipline and focus down the stretch and that should be the focal point in all of this. They smoked the Rangers in late August and looked like world beaters, but someone turned the calendar to September and the roof collapsed! The interesting part to all of this the Atlanta Braves had a collapse that was equal to the Red Sox but we never hear anything about that historical collapse. The soap opera that is the Boston Red Sox continues and that will never change.

Call me crazy… but I think our pitching will be fine. I believe Beckett will be strong again, Lester and Bucholz will have rebound seasons. I dont know why I just feel so. As for Dick K…. can we PLEASE sell him on ebay already?

Call me crazy but I think our pitching will surprise everyone. I feel that Beckett will be strong again and Lester and Buch will have rebound seasons. Just a feeling. But either way can we PLEASE sell Dick K on ebay???

Btw its me chman712 but this thing is stupid lol

I cannot understand why Dice-K is still getting hype. He was and always will be a great big flop. He deserves only one thing from the Red Sox; a one-way ticket back to Japan.

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