Schilling honored by Sox Hall call

Former Red Sox right-hander Curt Schilling, who will be on the 2013 ballot for the Baseball Hall of Fame, will be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame first.

Schilling will be one of several new members to be inducted into the Sox Hall on Aug. 3, the day of a home game vs. the Twins.

“For an organization with this much rich history, and so many hall of fame caliber players and people, it’s most certainly an honor,” wrote Schilling in an email. “For what it’s worth, I am being inducted with the guy who got the first ML hit off me, Marty Barrett, and the first ML HR I ever gave up, Ellis Burks.”


Curt Schilling is a slamdunk choice to get into the Red Sox Hall of Fame, maybe sometime down the road he’ll get into Cooperstown. Last game Schilling pitched in the big leagues, he won game 2 of the World Series against the Rockies. The guy was the definition of the word clutch. He thrived in the limelight and embraced the pressure of pitching for the Red Sox. Some can take the heat and others melt under the bright lights of Boston.

When Ellis Burks gets inducted, wondering if he’ll collide with Mike Greenwell? I’m not sure how many times those guys banged heads but it seemed like it happened alot. Burks was the player that came off of the Red Sox team plane with the 2004 World Series Trophy in hand. I’m not sure if Burks is deserving though.

I must admit I am a bit surprised Marty Barrett got in as well. Barrett was a nice little player but worthy of getting into the Red Sox Hall of Fame, I don’t think so! He did pull of the hidden ball trick a couple of times and was MVP of the 1986 ALCS and was immense that postseason but other than that he never impressed me much. Barrett also made the last out in the 1986 Wolrd Series and I can still see Jesse Orosco on the hill that night. Ugh!

Barrett blew out his knee running past the first base bag in that memorable Toronto comeback. It was a game that Barrett initially sat out but the Blue Jays had a miracle comeback so Barrett was forced to play. The game I am talking about was when Mike Smithson and the Red Sox were up big and the tall righty had to leave because he had a blister. I think Smithson wore different cleats or something along those lines. After Smithson left, the wheels fell off the wagon. It was the Junior Felix weekend. Felix ate the Red Sox alive that weekend. In fact, Felix had a very rare moment in baseball that weekend, he hit an inside the park grand slam off of Bob Stanley. I think Felix drove in 11 or 12 runs during that three game span. Those were the days!

Interesting tidbits about Schilling regarding Burks and Barrett, never knew.

Good for Schill, Barrett, and Burks! I agree, I would not have made a connection the RS HOF for Barrett, but, hey, good for him! Interesting connection, indeed, between Schill, Barrett, and Burks! That’s fun trivia! Glad baseball is starting, even if in Japan– can’t wait until we get underway, for real!

I always liked Marty Barrett and Ellis Burks, but I also wonder if they are RS HOF worthy.
What? No Mark Clear? Or is he in there already? Heck, we might as well select Glen Hoffman while we’re at it. Or Brian’s favorite: Ed Jurack. Did I get the spelling right on Jurack?

Schilling was by far Theo’s best signing. No doubt, without him those 2 WS victories might not have happened. No question ’04 wouldn’t have happened without Schill.

I’m glad for all those guys.

Oh yes, honorable mention for Gary Allenson and Bob Montgomery, Joe Foy and Joe Lahoud.

Looks like our old friends Coco Crisp and Josh Reddick are getting the reg. season started off quickly, over in Japan. Reddick hit a pretty solid HR shot today. Good for him. Cespedes is getting his season started quickly, also. I am so glad we’re not playing in Japan, though– let them play over there with the West Coast teams. Can’t wait for the season to get started over here!

Ross has hit a couple more HRs today, so I see. If he keeps up this pace, what, he’ll hit about 300 HRs this season. Hmmm.. over/ under on that?😉 Way to go, Cody! GO SOX!

He better save some for the regular season.

I love how great baseball players remember this stuff. Curt Schilling gave up his first ML hit to Marty Barrett and his first HR to Ellis Burks? What a competitor, what a warrior, what a good guy.

The best Marty Barrett trivia? He was the second Marty Barrett to play ML baseball in Boston in ’84. Another Marty Barrett played for the Boston Beaneaters of the National League in 1884.


I’m with you about Mark Clear not getting in. I don’t believe it’s a Red Sox Hall of Fame without the great righty Mark Clear, his sinker was devastating!

When Ed Jurak (noticed I wrote “when”) gets in they might have to shut down the streets of Boston. It will be a city wide celebration! It will be one of those moments, Where were you when Ed Juark got into the Red Sox Hall of Fame? If Glen Hoffman gets in, we must put in Luis Rivera.


I might take the under on the Ross HR projection, maybe he’ll hit 294 longballs this year. All kidding aside, I’ll go with 17 HR’s for Ross.

I’m glad the Grapefruit League is coming to a close. I live here in Florida and haven’t been to a spring training game in four years. Only reason I went to that game, the tickets were free! Last time I paid for a spring training game was probably ten years ago! Regular season is a different story, always willing to make the trip. Glad the season is fast approaching.

I love the bloody-footed one, even though I think his politics are repugnant.

He’s the stand-up baseball player of the last twenty years: gifted, gritty, and brutally honest.

Those comments about the other candidates … well, the man just loves baseball, to a possibly unhealthy degree.

Curt, you’re my sort of people, even though (World Series apart) you really shouldn’t be. Keep it going, mate!

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