Felix Doubront, Daniel Bard named fourth, fifth starters

Lefty Felix Doubront said he was told Sunday morning he has been named the Red Sox’s No. 4 starter. Daniel Bard is the No. 5.

“That’s for me what I was looking for all spring,” Doubront said. “Even when I start my offseason, to hear that news. That’s pretty amazing.”

Manager Bobby Valentine announced Bard had the fifth starter’s job in Valentine’s morning meeting with reporters. Alfredo Aceves was not happy with the news, Valentine said.

In three Grapefruit League starts and four appearances this spring, the 24-year-old Doubront has given up five runs on 18 hits in 16 2/3 innings (a 2.70 ERA), with a 1-0 record, 10 strikeouts and six walks.

— Evan Drellich


Great to hear, he has deserved it, being thrown to the lions first time out against a yankee team was a baptism of fire and the injuries…now he can see some real time and hopefully hold onto his place when dice k comes back

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Instead of calling it the DL, will we start calling it the “BL”(Bailey List) after Andrew Bailey? Things that make me go hmmmmm. Just saying.

Agreed, Brian. Gotta wonder what is going on with Bailey. I hope we don’t end up saying the same thing about that “other” Chris Carpenter.
Glad Bard and Doubront earned the 4-5 rotation slots. I hope that Bard is more consistent in the reg season than he has been in ST, though. With injuries to Bailey and Carpenter, let alone anyone else, Aceves may be that pivotal “long-relief” guy– again. I hope he stays healthy, also. Let’s play some BASEBALL, already!

I must admit I laughed when I heard Chris Carpenter was having surgery. Why they let Theo walk out the door before resolving the matter was beyond me. Boston lost all leverage when they allowed Theo to go to the south side of Chicago.

I’d say that Doubront has for sure earned that 4th spot, but Bard over Aceves? Not only is Bard better suited for the 8th inning, Aceves pitched better this spring and I’d rather see him pitching every 5th day.

No kidding, Brian. What a debacle that was with Theo.

No kidding, Brian. This whole thing with Theo’s departure was a fiasco. Ouch. GO SOX!

Let’s not cry over the bad circumstances of Theo leaving. Getting him out under any circumstances was the best thing to do. They guy laid more eggs the past few years than a henhouse. Dice-K, Crawford, Jenks, et al.

I know it’s spring. But Bard has ERA over 6. Now with Bailey likely, no, certainly be on the DL starting the season, will Bard be the temporary closer because there won’t need a 5th starter till middle of April. It appears that the ownership couldn’t wait to get rid of Theo. haha..

Remember we used to say we’d trade Lugo for a ham sandwich and a six pack of PBR? I think that’s the way the Sox felt about Theo…..Just GO!!

The Sox do have a knack for picking inured or soon-to-be-injured pitchers. How do they do it??

I’m happy about Dubront for the 4th starter, I think he’ll be just fine, 12 wins 10 losses. If Bard has a .500 record or just a couple games under he’ll be OK. He’s the 5th starter for a reason.

One other thing I am happy about is the fact that the Sox seem to be returning to a “normal” baseball team without all the hysterics of the Monster Free Agent signing or the Blockbuster trade! Less drama is a good thing.

Arnie…Would that ham sandwich be on Rye or Wheat?

I think your projection for Doubront is accurate. I think he’ll open up some eyes this year.

I’m with you about monster free agent signings, those deals usually get you in trouble. It leaves the team with little payroll flexibility.

With Opening Day right around the corner I think this is the year Lester will finally get off to a good start.

It sounds like Bailey will be out for a while, probably sometime after the All Star break. On paper (we know the game isn’t played on paper) the trade looked good, but Bailey is one of those guys that seems to get banged up. Some players are just made that way. I don’t know if it’s bad genes or a case of bad luck.

Bailey probably went to the JD Drew School of Heath and Wellness. I am hoping his time on the DL is short-lived, but I am not so sure. I hope Youk can stay healthy this year, we can use his bat in the lineup.
I am happy for Doubront, as he is one of the few on the Red Sox roster that I have seen in Single-A ball, for the Greenville Drive (against “our” Asheville Tourists, in 07-08). I hope he does at least as well as 12-10– that would be great, esp. for the 4-5 slots in the rotation.
Watch out, though– Bucky F. Dent’s son, Ryan, is another one that came out of Greenville, and he’s working his way up the minors ladder! (Wouldn’t that be ironic?… Hmmm…)

For once the Sox aren’t expected to go 162-0. Under the radar could be a good thing for them. They still have a good team. If they jell they will be better than good. That’s why they play the games. Go Sox!!!!!

For a ham sandwich, rye. Whole wheat is great with chicken salad or tuna. Now your Ruben cries out for pumpernickel. And a fried egg sandwich must go on a snowflake roll. If your talking hero sandwich, or grinder, as we used to call them in Ct. back in the day, you have to have a nice Italian bread. Baguette for Croque Monsieur and French Dip. Foccacia for panini. A balogna sandwich can go on Bunny bread. Have I forgotten anything?

Corn beef and pastrami go with rye, right?
Unlike the last couple of seasons, no pundit has picked the Sox to win the AL East. I like staying low and finishing high. Staying healthy, the Sox will be fine. I think Cody Ross, Ryan Sweeney, and Melanchon are good off season pickups. We shall see.

Back in my day, in NH, they were called Italian sandwhiches. Made with hard crust bread instead of the mushy breads of today. That crisp crust was great. The cold cuts were mostly imported instead of the Oscar Meyer, Hormel, etc, crap they feed us now.

knuckle sandwich??

and what, pray tell, is BUNNY BREAD?

I guess you don’t have that in Dixie.

Bunny Bread:


Can I post a link? Let’s see………

At best the sox are fighting with the yanks and baltimore for last place in the east. Yes i am a sox fan, but this team just seems old, slow, injury prone and seem to be tired of each other. Use the trading deadline to get some prospects that will be mlb ready for 2013 and let the kids play for a year while contracts expire. The sox will have a great core of veterans and exciting prospects for 2014. Sorry but sometimes you just need to tank a team to rebuild it up for greatness

If Felix Doubront would take off that silly neck piece maybe he could actually turn his eyes toward the plate and gain effectiveness!

I´m very sorry what the big bosses have been doing with the Red Sox. They forgot how to prepare for a winning season. 2 starting pitchers were urgently needed, serious relief pitching,not letting Papelbon go.And a couple of good bats, one in RF, the other SS. We should have seasons like 2004 and 2007 more often, we the fans have the mentality for that, and really deserve it.
Please, owners and GM, think about us.

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