Tito’s change of heart pleases players

For all Terry Francona did during his time as manager of the Red Sox, the one thing he never got was closure. He remains a popular figure among the fans, even after last September’s 7-20 collapse.

On Friday, during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, the fans will get their chance to give Francona a standing ovation. Originally, Francona indicated he wouldn’t participate in the pre-game ceremony, in which several key figures of the team’s history will be in attendance.

“I think it’s great.,” said Dustin Pedroia. “I’m excited to see him. I’m sure everybody else is. I’m sure the fans will enjoy it. It’s a pretty big thing we’re doing here for the 100th year and he’s a huge part of this organization.”

The ovation will probably be one of the loudest of the day.

“I hope so,” Pedroia said. “There’s not a manager to do what he’s done here. He was pretty important to this organization for a long period of time so I’m sure the fans will be excited to see him.”

“I think that’s good.That’s a tough personal decision for him the way things ended here for him a few months ago. But he’s such a big part of the recent history of the team and the ballpark. I think it’s only appropriate that he’s here,” said Daniel Bard


CAN’T WAIT TO SEE TITO!! Thank you Terry Francona for being a class act . While I said that I understood his stance on the matter, I sure am GLAD that he’s going to be there!!!

I am also glad Tito joined the festivities today, although I’d have understood if he’d decided not to attend. That was a thrill to watch. Good to see Pedro and KevLar, Fisk, Rice, Dewey, Mike Lowell, Tek and Wake, and so many others there today! John Williams and the Boston Pops were great! Now, if we can win the game, that will be even better! The occasion was also a nice, if temporary, respite from the discontent we’ve had in recent years. Nice job!

Let’s bring Francona back for good! The 7-20 is looking like a real possibility to start the season.


This is the third straight year the Red Sox have gotten off to a slow start.

I think it’s time to put Bard in the pen and call up Aaron Cook from Pawtucket. Bard should be the closer and Aceves should be the set-up guy.

Why is Thomas still on this team? He’s Michael Bowden from the left side.

Boston is 0-5 since Valentine opened his mouth.

I completely agree with you Brian!! and I still think V-tine should be yesterday’s news and yesterday’s manager..


I believe Bobby V. should get a fair shake. The Fenway faithful should be ashamed of themselves with their treatment of him so far. Last time I checked those were Boston fans and aren’t they “supposed” to be one of the smartest in the league? He has made some head scratching decisions, but I don’t think he’s entirely at fault. Shouldn’t the players accept some blame? How about the ownership and the front office? I don’t think anyone’s hands are clean when it comes to this team. As I said before this is the third straight year the Red Sox have gotten off to a slow start.

Alfredo Aceves on Saturday was throwing meatballs and he is too blame for his performance. Morales is up and down, at times he’ll look solid and other times it looks like he took the mound for the first time. He is very inconsisent and Boston is banking on him to pitch some big innings this year. You also have Matt Albers in that pen and yes he did pitch well in the early part of last season, but last time I checked he is still Matt Albers. He was awful in the second-half of last season and so far this year he has been up and down. At best, Albers is an average major league pitcher and will not finish the year with the Red Sox. As you know Boston was supposed to have Andrew Bailey as its closer but we all know the story there. I’m guessing we will see Bailey sometime after the All Star Break. Of course, another guy that Valentine had in his pen was Mark Melancon and he was a disaster! I’m still not sure if Josh Hamilton’s HR landed yet. I have my doubts about Melancon handling the fishbowl atmosphere of Boston. He had the “deer in headlights” look last Tuesday against the Rangers. Remember, that was Ben Cherington that pulled off that trade and “we” were led to believe Melancon was going to be one of the anchors of the bullpen this year. Maybe in Pawtucket, but unlikely that will happen in Boston.

I’m not saying he’s going to be as successful as the previous manager, but Valentine should be able to get a fair chance with the Red Sox. So far he has only managed 15 games with the Red Sox.

Brian, Sorry, I just have never been a fan of his coaching/managing style, and I will admit that it’s got some spillover from the way that Francona “left”. I know that I am resistant to change. I will try to have a better “wait and see” outlook. Thanks for the mind check!!

How is Valentine at fault with the way Francona left? The ownership dropped the ball on that one. I’m a Francona fan but his final days in the dugout were embarassing. He obviously lost control of the clubhouse and made some odd moves in the month of September.

Right now with Valentine it’s a feeling out process I believe. He’s trying to get to learn them (his players) and they are trying to figure out him, too. His comments about Youkilis were out of line, say it to his face not through the media!

Change is good as long as it has reason. Changing for the sake of changing is foolish!

Due to work and family obligations, haven’t watched lives games a lot but scoreboard watching. I don’t think Bobby V. is a better manager than uncle Tito. But the difference is Bobby V. would admit mistakes he made and made changes immediately if things went wrong. Is it good or bad? It works so far.

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