Beckett gets clean bill of health

Some good news on the injury front. Red Sox righty Josh Beckett had an MRI Monday and there are no structural problems with his right shoulder.

Beckett said he should miss just one more start, and return to the rotation by the end of next week.

“We did an MRI yesterday and everything looks pretty good,” Beckett said. “Took the steps necessary. I think we’ll miss a start and maybe push me back a day.”

The discomfort Beckett felt wasn’t unfamiliar.

“I just had some pain that I was dealing within my shoulder,” Beckett said. “It’s stuff that I’ve dealt with before. But whenever it starts taking away from strength, that’s kind of where we got to, and the trainers made the decision that they made.”

Franklin Morales will again take Beckett’s spot in the rotation on Saturday against the Marlins.

In other news, the Red Sox activated Cody Ross before Monday’s game and put Scott Podsednik (left groin strain) on the disabled list.


Good, I’m glad Beckett is getting healthy again– I hope he stays that way. I am VERY impressed, and PLEASED, with how Franklin Morales pitched when he took Beckett’s place. I hope he does as well if he is asked to do other “spot starts”, or takes Bard’s place in the rotation for a while, if needed. Way to go, Frankie!

Sox are two games over .500 and in last place….tough division! They’ll have to be extra good against division foes this year!!!!! Go Sox!

Back to Damon and the $12M extra the Yankees gave him. It seems like he could have given that up to stay with the Sox right? I thought about that….that’s a lot of $$$$$$. If a company wanted to pay me $50K more to go with them…I’d be gone. $12M???????? Think about it. That’s a lot even to Damon. The Yankees wanted him more and the Sox were willing to let him go. What would you do given your current job? Hmmmmm….something to ponder. In the end…you take care of your family…regardless of the scale of $$$$$ you are talking about. How you handle the move is another story. Go Sox!!!!!

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