Dice-K back to DL; Gomez recalled from Pawtucket

Red Sox right-hander Daisuke Matsuzaka was placed on the 15-day disabled list on Tuesday, one day after he was shelled during an abbreviated outing against the Athletics in which he lasted one-plus innings and threw a career-low of 28 pitches. Matsuzaka gave up four hits and five runs.

Clearly, Matsuzaka was hampered by a neck injury which prevented him from making a side session between starts. It is the same injury — to the trap muscle on the right side — that caused him discomfort during Spring Training and in late May, when he was on his Minor League rehab assignment.

To replace Matsuzaka on the roster, the Red Sox recalled corner infielder Mauro Gomez from Triple-A Pawtucket. Gomez, who had one short stint with the Red Sox earlier this season, is having a monster year at Pawtucket, hitting .311 with 19 homers and 55 RBIs. He has a .980 OPS.




I think it is time to write off Dice-K as a bad decision and start looking for his replacement.

Sorry, but we should have left him on the DL to stat with. Bill K’s right– we needed, and still do, to get his replacement into the rotation permanently. GO SOX!

Dice-K needs to go

Matsuzake = the Japanese Zero. He is one of many of Epsteind bums red Sox are stuck with. japanese Zero, Jenks, Lackey, Drew, Crawford etc etc etc.


i think its time to get a coach that knows baseball 101…what kind of team doesnt know the basics??? the red sox don’t bunt to advance runners, valentine don’t have his fastest runners steal in clutch situations which has made the difference in winning or losing and he just don’t know when to pull pitchers that aren’t getting the job done, granted the relief pitching has been horrible and the line-up has been weak as it can get but they have lost games they should have won by simply making a basic baseball decision. i love the Red Sox and have for 50 years but i cant bear to watch a lousy coach bring them down…sorry but thats the way i see it!!!

Exactly right. And, keeping the Japanese Zero on the payeroll is just another example. Any sane baseball executive would release him and send him back to Japan.

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