Pedroia out on Fourth; hopes thumb is OK

Dustin Pedroia was not in manager Bobby Valentine’s lineup on the Fourth of July, thanks to some soreness in a different spot of his thumb than what had previous been bothering him.

Pedroia thinks he tweaked his thumb on a diving play in short right field in Tuesday’s loss.

“I was fine during the game and then after the game, I was sore and then today, I’m pretty sore. It’s not in the area I first got hurt. I think when I dove for that ball in right field, I don’t know what happened. Bobby wanted me to not play today, because we have an off-day tomorrow. Hopefully everything [will be OK].”

Still the thumb that hurts? “Yeah, like the back side. I don’t know. I haven’t seen the doctors or anybody. I don’t know, man. I’m just pretty frustrated. It stinks.”

Are you worried? “I don’t know, I kind of have a high pain tolerance so I don’t know. I hope I’m alright.”

Bother you to swing a bat? “I haven’t tried. They told me not to do anything but if they need me to hit, I’ll hit. Whatever they need me to do.”

Pedroia confirmed he will see team doctors in Boston on Thursday, when the team returns home.

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Congratulations to Papi on career HR 400! Way to go, Papi!
I hope Dustin’s thumb will be OK. I hope he will not have to be out of the lineup for long. We’ll see, though…
Wishing Youk well with the White Sox, except against us! I do think it was the right move, if not nec. at the right time. Figures, though, that Will M gets his hamstring injured again, shortly after the trade…

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