The night Pedroia vented

As a Boston sports follower, one of my most vivid memories was after Game 3 of the 1984 Finals, when a disgruntled Larry Bird lit into his Celtics teammates, saying they played like a “bunch of sissies” in a 137-104 loss to the Lakers.

Dustin Pedroia didn’t question anyone’s machismo, but he seemed to be at the end of his rope with the way the team is playing following Friday’s 10-3 loss to the Yankees. Maybe Pedroia’s words will have a similar impact as what Bird said under entirely different circumstances some 28 years ago.

“The first 100 games have been [expletive],” Pedroia said. “I mean, at two games under .500, we’re the Boston Red Sox. If everyone’s thrilled about where we’re at then we need to re-evaluate. Because I don’t like losing. I know everyone else doesn’t like losing, we got to play better man.”

At 49-51, 11 1/2 games back in the American League East and 5 1/2 back in the Wild Card standings, Pedroia still believes.

“I think we can. We got to play good, that’s the bottom line. We have great players, we just need to play good,” Pedroia said. “That’s it. We didn’t. Their guys did, late in the game they extended themselves from us. That’s what great teams do. We didn’t do anything. Our at-bats later in the game were not good. Swinging early in the count — heck, if their eighth-inning guy is going to come in the game, let’s at least get 25, 30 pitches so maybe he can’t pitch tomorrow. Do something productive. And we’re not doing that. That’s a sign of not a winning team. So those are the little things that we need to do better, and it’s frustrating.”

And please don’t tell Pedroia that injuries are a reason the team is where it is.

“When I was hurt, Pedro [Ciriaco] hit .400. When Carl was out, Nava hit .350,” said Pedroia. “The injuries, that’s an excuse. I’m not going to make one. These other guys shouldn’t either. We win as a team and we lose as a team. When injuries happen, guys have stepped up and played their butts off. They put us in a position to make a run. We got to play better, man, that’s it.”

Do Pedroia and his teammates discuss these type of things?

“Yeah, hell yeah we talk about it. We talk about everything man. We got good guys man, we got a good group of guys. We talk baseball all the time. We just got to settle in and play better man, that’s it,” Pedroia said.

Pedroia’s thoughts on what the front office might do between now and Tuesday’s non-waiver trade deadline?

“I don’t know. I don’t talk to them about stuff. As players, we’re focusing on trying to beat the Yankees right now. Our job is hard enough, we got to come out and execute,” Pedroia said. “Their job is to put the best players they can on the field.”

Pedroia knows the Red Sox can’t wait any longer to get hot.

“I still believe in us. I mean you have to. With the makeup of these guys and the way we work, I feel it’s only a matter of time. Hopefully we don’t just run out of it. You know what I mean, we got to go. We got to play well.”

Is there enough urgency?

“I hope. I can’t speak for everyone,” said Pedroia. “I feel urgency, talking to a lot of guys, we all do. We need to win. It’s not — that’s all we feel. Maybe that’s putting added pressure on guys to come out of their comfort zone and do things that they’re not capable of doing. Need to take a step back and relax. Got to win man.”


It’s about time that someone said this. Perhaps Dustin and/ or someone(s) else has said this. It is a pity that it has to (so it seems) be said in the media for it to register. This team has been underperforming for way too long. In 04 it took a 19-8 drubbing to get this team not to lose another game. We’re not going to do that, but we’re getting our tails handed to us. What are we doing about it? Dustin should not have to say this in the media for this team to get jump-started. (He’s had his own down year, relatively speaking.) But we’ll see if it has any effect. It’s overdue! GO SOX!

It is also a little disturbing that my Inbox was stacked with comments from this blog that dated back to Damon’s visit to Fenway in MAY. What took so long for those to be posted, for crying out loud? No wonder this blog has suffered, and gone dry! Get with the program, guys! GO SOX!

i just noticed a bunch of comments that were never approved. Sorry. Don’t take it personally.

This is also turning into “the morning Gregorio vented”. What the lleh is the story, WordPress? Why do I have to replace my user ID every time I post? It is not that hard to store that info. GET WITH THE PROGRAM, WORDPRESS! Sheesh! GO SOX!

Where was this type of talk 50 games ago? Good words, but when a team has quit, they will not change anything. The Red Flops are back.

I think the fact that everybody went to talk to Tito like he was still the manager says a lot about Bobby V — and none of it good. As a manager, the guy is a complete joke. How could he take a team that was FULL of All-Stars even last year and turn it into this? Hey, Bobby V, I hear the Titanic is hiring a skipper… you’d be PERFECT!!!

That’s some good coach speak, love Dustin! He’s our best player, year to year, he’s the one that’s gonna get those special hits about a month or two from now.

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