Answering your questions on Monday

Given all that has happened with the Red Sox of late, it seems like a good time to answer all of your questions. So please ask anything you want regarding the team. Send me an e-mail at

I will answer as many as I can on the site on Monday. Please include first name, last name and hometown with your question. If it’s easier for you to just leave your question in the comments section of this blog, that’s also fine.

I look forward to the return of the inbox on Monday.



Please don’t sign Dice-K to a new contract. I have loved this team for over 40 years but think Dice-K was a big mistake. Thank you.

Is Pedroia on his own when he comes to bat with men inscoring position or has the manager expect him to get a base hit everytime he comes to bat? Looks as if he doesn’t know how to sacrifice bunt.

Was it really necessary to watch DLowe go 4 innings of 2hit no run ball last night?
You mean to say that he wouldn’t have looked good in the sox pen or their pathetic rotation? So sick of this dysfunctional crap. Could ownership and baseball opps
get their head out of their collective butts? Watch DLowe turn in to an integral part of the yanks run through the playoffs. This sucks.

Ian: First, why doesn’t Magadan correct the terrible ‘upswing’ that Saltilamacia has? Watching him swing is painful. He’s lucky to hit .220! How about bringing Tec back to help Salti…

Seond, the concept of ‘going deep’ into the count is flawed. Often, the best pitch is the first one right down the middle. Believe me, the Rangers and Yanks kill such pitches, even if the first one. Actually, some teams have better bullpens than starters…

Third, we have potential spray hitters who uppercut and pull rather than get on base for the team. Pedroia is just recently going the other way. However, we need line drive hits to left and leftcenter from the top of the order. It is frustrating watching TV and so many of the Sox hitters constantly hitting with two strikes…

I asked question about Aaron Kurcz. What happened to him? He went on the 7 day disabled list almost a month ago.

Anyone on Aaron Kurcz? He seems to have disappeared after 7 day disabled list

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