Monday meeting should determine Crawford’s fate

The Red Sox will have a summit meeting of sorts on Monday to determine whether Carl Crawford should continue to play, or undergo Tommy John Surgery to repair the UCL injury he’s been playing with in his left elbow.

“Ben and I just talked about it and you know, when he can’t play, he tells me he can’t play and I haven’t heard that today,” said Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine. “Tomorrow, we have an off-day and we’ll take that time to talk with Carl and the doctors and kind of get to the bottom of this entire situation.”

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Crawford is a huge bust. Add him to the Lackey trade, making Bard a starter, sending Youk packing, and not trading Beckett during the last round of trade openings and what you end up with is a manager that sucks and has no problem showing the fans he could care less about the players and the fans.

When I watch the Sox play, I don’t even recognize them as a Team. Nothing more than a group of guys getting together on a ball field.

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