Winter of ’10-11 about to be undone

If the Red Sox-Dodgers blockbuster trade clears the final hurdles and gets consummated, it will effectively eliminate one of the most dramatic 72-hour periods in team history.

Remember all that buzz at the Winter Meetings in Dallas in December of 2010? On the eve of the Meetings, then-Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein finally acquired his long sought-after prize — slugger Adrian Gonzalez — in a blockbuster with the Padres. And just three days later, Epstein was at it again, striking a seven-year, $142-million deal with free agent Carl Crawford.

One epic September collapse of 2011 and highly disappointing 2012 season later, and it appears Gonzalez and Crawford will again be linked together — this time in a trade that sends them to Los Angeles, along with underachieving righty Josh Beckett.

Though Gonzalez was largely the hitter the Red Sox expected him to be (.321, 42 homers, 203 RBIs, .895 OPS in 1,114 at-bats), he didn’t always seem thrilled with the attention that came with playing in this market.

Ditto for Crawford, who was often surprised to be swarmed by media members, whether it was for an injury update or something else newsworthy.

As for Beckett — who will also be in the deal assuming he doesn’t exercise his 10-5 rights —  I think it had become pretty obvious that his time had run its course here in recent weeks and months.

The Red Sox will be able to re-allocate the money they would have paid those three players next year — which would have been well in excess of $200 million — and have a highly interesting offseason.

Covering the team this season, it seems that the baggage that came with last year’s collapse never really went away. So if this trade does go down, perhaps there will be a cleansing of sorts.



More drama….I just wish this team could settle down and concentrate on baseball. At first I was upset with this whole thing…but a good night’s sleep reminded me that I’m just a fan….have no control….and really at this point of this particular season….don’t care. I’ll just watch every night and hope they finish strong.
Unbelieveable season…and I don’t mean that in a positive light. Go Sox

You forgot to mention the prospects we gave for like Rizzo, Kelly ,Redick, ( in others trades) that are shinning in Big and minor leagues.

You said the three players would have been paid well in excess of 200 million dollars next year. This is obviously incorrect.

“the money they would have paid those three players next year — which would have been well in excess of $200 million”

Technically, this is inaccurate. The three players would make around 55 million next year. The “well in excess of $200 million” is what these individuals would be due through the duration of their contract.

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