Yaz on triple crown: Someone is going to do it

With Tigers slugger Miguel Cabrera perhaps being closer to winning the Triple Crown than any player in the last 45 years, it was the perfect timing for Carl Yastrzemski to be available for comment.

The former Red Sox icon was unveiled Wednesday night as the backup left fielder — behind Ted Williams — on the All-Fenway team.

When Yaz led the 1967 Red Sox to the Impossible Dream, winning the pennant on the final day of the season, the triple crown couldn’t have been any further from his mind.

But in all the years that have followed, with nobody else winning it, Yaz feels that the next Triple Crown winner is all but inevitable.

“Someone is going to do it,” Yaz said. “Whether it’s Cabrera this year or next year. I’m surprised it’s gone on this long to be perfectly honest. When Rose broke Cobb’s hit record I never thought that was going to happen and when Ripken broke Gehrig’s consecutive game record I never thought that would happen either. So it’s going to happen.

“One thing that’s going to help him is he’s in a pennant race. Of course there’s so much more publicity now a days, people calling and everything else. In ’67 the Triple Crown was never even mentioned once we were so involved in the pennant race. I didn’t know I won the Triple Crown until the next day when I read it in the paper. That’s how involved we were in the pennant race.”

“Like I said, I thought somebody would win it a long time ago. The surprising thing about it is in the 50s and when Mantle won and Williams and Frank, we had the higher mound. I’d like to see what some of the pitchers would throw today, what their speeds would be, if they came off a higher mound. I could see Verlander probably throwing 100 mph or more on every pitch. Like I said, I’m surprised it’s lasted so long.”


The Summer of 67 was the best summer of Red Sox baseball ever. Every game was critical. There was no TV to Connecticut so it was listen to the radio. The signal would fade in and out but it was great fun. Yaz was amazing, every big hit , every defensive play. I have been a life long Sox fan and on one has carried a team like he did. I wore #8 on every baseball uniform I had. There were Giant Yaz posters
on Atlantic Ritchfield Gas stations and of course there was the Big Yaz bread. I kept a loaf for many years until we lost power for a few days and it had to go.
Last to first and a summer to remember

This team could use a leader like Yaz….that was a great year for he and the Sox….but he just plugged away during that year just trying to find a way to win games….and the numbers piled up. I feel lucky that I was alive and able to watch Yaz in person. He was a heckuva player both offeinsively and defensively. He did not have a great arm but he played the green monster as well as anyone and had a quick release to 2nd base….he could throw to 2nd in his sleep. He was just smart….. long live Yaz!!!!!

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