Red Sox in contact with Bay

The Red Sox are in the market for at least one starting outfielder, if not two, and a familiar name is out there. Jason Bay was a popular run producer during the year-and-a-half he played in Boston, but then went to the Mets, where he has had three horrific, injury-plagued seasons. Some thought that Bay was a bad fit for the Mets right from the outset. Could coming back to Boston resurrect his career?

It is at least a possibility. ESPN’s Buster Olney tweeted the following: “The Red Sox are among the teams in contact with Jason Bay, as he considers his options for 2013. Looking for opportunity, familiarity.”

Fenway’s friendly dimensions in left field are a far better fit for Bay’s swing than CitiField ever was.

The Red Sox’s interest in Bay could depend on how things go with Cody Ross, who was a positive presence on the field and in the clubhosue for Boston in 2012. Ross is a free agent and said to be seeking a three-year deal. The Braves are among the teams who have shown early interest.


Just when you thought the memories of a disappointing season were the worst case scenario the off-season has been even more discouraging. The Red Sox are toiling with finding office and coaching staff while other teams move to strengthen their “playing” rosters. Our GM is way over his head and remind me please how a general manager with days of experience can “reflect” on his time with the Red Sox. The problem is that despite the stumblings and bumblings of the front office the stands will be full to capacity each and every one of the 82 home games, the television ratings and sale of merchandise will remain constant because the fans of baseball and those that bleed Red Sox red will support the team even in the most desperate times. The Red Sox scouting department has been brutal of late and management and ownership has been complacently listening to their recommendations resulting in a tired and broken line of communication. In short nearly every player traded away of left to sign with other teams flourished last year and nearly every player with the exception of Cody Ross struggled to live up to the expectations of RSN. A “major” shake up is required sooner than later, the expulsion of a talented roster has left this storied franchise on its knees and waiting for the knock out punch from a group of more experienced major league teams. At this point the 69 wins last season will look like a successful season. Get ready folks, if there aren’t significant upgrades made right away the RS will be years removed from a .500 season. This is and has been exhausting to watch over the past year!

Please Take this into consideration The Red sox should think about bringing manny back .now his more mature humble .hes sorry for what he did ,it will be the perfect place for him to play his last year,i feel good story.alot of tickets shirts it will also generate alot of money to the organisation it will help ortiz and millerbrooks and company ,he has something to prove ,i am a die hard red sox fan ,i love the will give the team hope in a division were all the other teams are getting way better.please use your conections and talk to ben cherignton

Manny being Manny!! Please,.. He had his chance(s) and blew it.. Maybe Jason Bay can ressurrect his career again with sox

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