Mark Melancon grew as pitcher, person in Boston

Mark Melancon’s on the move again, to his fourth Major League team in five years, as part of the six-player deal between the Red Sox and Pirates that lands Joel Hanrahan in Boston. A closer with the Astros before he came to the Red Sox, Melancon acknowledged his struggles with the Sox outside the closer’s role, but said they helped him grow tremendously.

“Obviously I got off to a rough start,” Melancon told on Wednesday. “So you know, I don’t think they treated me unfairly. It’s hard for me because I feel like I didn’t produce as well as I should have and so there’s nobody to blame but myself. Obviously baseball is a game that’s built on failure, so you have to understand that too. It’s exciting for me because I had a great last half of the season last year, and that’s kind of who I am and who I anticipate being. Not only to build off of that last half of the season, but also I feel like I have a lot to prove. Being a closer, late-game guy, that’s kind of my mentality. Prove to people who I am and prove to them what I can do.”

Melancon spent Christmas in Hawaii with his family. The right-hander would like the chance to close again and was a much improved pitcher as the season went on.

“Being out of that situation — I learned a lot out of that situation in Boston,” Melancon said. “I learned a lot about who I am and myself and I had to combat those things. Cause when you don’t have that situation, that high pressure situation, things are a lot different. Mentality is a lot different. It’s a different ballgame. I learned how to combat that and it took me a little while understandably, but it made me a better pitcher and a better person. In my mind there wasn’t a whole bad other than I let down some of the team. Which is never fun. But I think as a whole I got a lot better.”

— Evan Drellich

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I appreciate his honesty as a human being, hope he does well for the Bucs!

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