Uehara felt wanted by Red Sox

For a pitcher with Koji Uehara’s experience and stats, he probably had quite a few options when he was a free agent this winter? So why did he wind up with the Red Sox?

“I felt like the Red Sox wanted me more than the other teams. I felt wanted the most by this organization,” said Uehara, who arrived at camp on Sunday.  “I feel comfortable about my role. I still have to compete for a position. I heard that John Farrell, when he was with Toronto, he liked me as a pitcher.”

Uehara was one of several Red Sox players to arrive on Sunday, including Mike Napoli and David Ross.

The righty came over from Japan in 2009, but he followed closely when Daisuke Matsuzaka arrived in Boston amid much hype in 2007.

“I was envious,” Uehara said. “I wanted to be there. He was a great pitcher and I also wanted to come over here.”

A starter upon his arrival in the Majors, Uehara has settled into a fine reliever the last three seasons. For the Orioles, Uehara proved he can succeed in the American League East. He put up solid numbers with the Rangers last season.

“Of course it helps, my experience in the AL East,” Uehara said. “Texas was also a small park. That challenge helps.”

Uehara and all other Red Sox pitchers and catchers will undergo physicals on Monday. The first pitchers-catchers workout will be Tuesday.

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