The new right fielder arrives

It’s safe to say that Shane Victorino found a coffee shop en route to his first day of work for the Red Sox on Thursday morning. He sounded, well, caffeinated.

Time will tell if Victorino can rebound from the season he had a year ago for the Phillies and Dodgers, but one thing is clear: He won’t be lacking in the energy department.

“That’s who I am,” Victorino said.  “Again, being part of this, you think about a high energy guy, a guy like Dustin [Pedroia]. Being around the type of guys who have that energy, that’s what this is about. That’s what makes this game fun, is that you get to put on the uniform every day, go out there and have fun doing it.”

With the money the Red Sox have invested in Victorino — $39 million over three years — they expect he will revert to the type of player he was before last season.

“Again, people are going to try to find a reason and who knows, if I could put my finger on it, I would have stopped it earlier but unfortunately I didn’t,” Victorino said. “I didn’t have the year I wanted to. but again, 2013 is a fresh start for me — a new organization. And what better than to be a Red Sox. I think that’s what it’s all about.”

It is currently pouring in Fort Myers. The Red Sox are likely to just about all of their work indoors today. Position players underwent physicals this morning. Friday will mark the first official full-squad workout.

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