Aceves throws inning, talks philosophy

Fourteen pitches, seven strikes and one inning thrown in a Double-A game Wednesday led Alfredo Aceves to some pitching ruminations.

There’s long been a belief in baseball that you can’t try to throw hard, that if you’re tense and trying to throw a ball 180 mph, you won’t even hit 90 mph. That may not be a revelation for anyone in the game or even for Aceves himself, but the Red Sox right-hander gave credit to that philosophy for his elevated velocity in 2012.

Aceves averaged 94.7 mph on his fastball last season, a jump from 93.4 mph, according to BrooksBaseball.

“It was more maña than fuerza when I get 98,” Aceves said after the backfield outing at Fenway South. “My mind tell me to relax my body and let my body do it. … Maña es mejor que fuerza.”

The rest of the Major League Red Sox were off on Wednesday.

Before Wednesday, Aceves had last pitched six days ago, going three innings for Team Mexico in the World Baseball Classic. He’s set to start Saturday on the road against the Rays, and he feels the Classic hasn’t set back his regular-season preparation.

“The only thing is we travelled four hours and a half to Phoenix,” Aceves said. “Everybody is doing the little things that we have to do to maintain ourselves.”

— Evan Drellich


Aceves, has a head problem and it has to be related to the mixed Mexican culture he has been associated with in his early life. People of Latin & Central America can be found believing and consorting with all kinds of head issues. (MIND CONTROL) is mixed with Vudoo and other scripts where they support an authority that is at a higher level of mind thought and these scourses could possibly be not very good because they do not agree with the COMMON area of life yet think others might be might be tring to bring them harm or might be harmful to them in exchange for something they think might imagine be happening to them. Sound like a NUT case to you? Does to me but if somebody can work this out of his system like A Priest of the Catholic Faith it might bring him back to normalcy..I HOPE!

Carl, let me see if I have this straight….. you think Aceves thinks that he is possessed?

You might be on to something.
In case that is true, there is an easy fix:
One part wolfbane, two parts white sage and sweet grass, one part coltsfoot, two parts sandalwood and camphor, one part cedar. Mix this together and burn it on a full moon night after a purifying bath and sweat. Let the smoke waft around you.
After you have done this send the ash to Aceves with the instruction that he put a pinch under his tongue the night before he pitches.

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