Brian Roberts to Stephen Drew: ‘Make sure that you’re right’

Stephen Drew is on his way to visit the head of the University of Pittsburgh concussion program, Micky Collins, on Tuesday. Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts, who’s been hampered by a pair of concussions of his own, had some advice for the Red Sox shortstop.

“I’d say he’s going to see a great guy, I think that it’s a scary situation,” Roberts said. “And I would tell him to trust his instincts, to trust what he’s feeling. And know that there is an end in sight. But the in the midst of it it’s a really tough place to be.

“I think the hardest part of that injury is that people don’t have any idea what’s going on because they can’t see it.”

Told Drew’s concussion was suffered on a pitch that didn’t make the most direct impact possible with his helmet, Roberts said his second concussion was similar because he did not directly hit his head when he dove: “Oh I know, I got the same thing.”

“I hit myself in the head obviously and my second one I dove headfirst in Boston, I didn’t hit my head on the ground. But your brain it basically just sits in there. And all that needs to be done is juggled a little bit. Doesn’t have to be a helmet to helmet collision in football for it to happen.”

“I hurt for him, I feel for him because I know what it’s like. But I think the thing you got to realize you got to be careful it’s the rest of your life, it’s your brain, make sure that you’re right before you do anything. I think the biggest thing is he sees so many cases, he’s done a lot of research. He knows that everyone is different but they also have a way of understanding what part of the brain has been affected, and how to help rehab that.”

Roberts has only the highest praise for Collins and what Drew is about to go through in Pittsburgh.

“They do a battery of testing,” Roberts said. “They do the obviously one which is the ImPACT test on the computer, but then there’s a whole bunch of other things that they do there at the facility that most people don’t see or don’t know. A bunch of other testing to find out, like I said, what area of the brain has been affected and what needs to be looked at. What needs to be rehabbed.

“There’s a little bit of everything, they’ll do some ocular testing, some vision testing. So there’s numerous areas of the brain that can be affected.”

— Evan Drellich

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Really praying for Drew and wishing him well. I’ve had brain surgery myself, so I relate. No fun at all. Get healthy, and be well, Stephen! God Bless!

I will be interested to see how Iglesias and/or Ciriaco hold down the SS fort while Drew recovers. It will also be interesting to see how quickly Xander Bogaerts moves up the ranks in the minors. Since Drew was going to be a short-term, “bridge” to those guys even once he’s healthy, I will be curious to see how the Sox manage these guys in the interim. GO SOX!

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