Red Sox could be close to full Starting 9

David Ortiz will be on a plane to Florida on Thursday to continue his rehab there, and could be playing in extended Spring Training games by the beginning of next week.

An official Minor League rehab assignment might not be too far behind. In fact, it’s starting to sound as if Ortiz could play for the Red Sox in April.

“In talking with David, I think he’d feel comfortable with 25, 30 at-bats, likely to be taken place at Pawtucket,” said Red Sox manager John Farrell. “When that rehab assignment begins remains to be seen. We’re still hopeful of a target timeframe of sometime middle to third week of April.”

Meanwhile, Stephen Drew played in an extended Spring Training for the second day in a row and will play at Double-A Portland tomorrow. Drew could play for Boston in the Fenway Park Opener on Monday.


I like what I see from these 2013 Red Sox! (except for Aceves…) Two out of three against the Yankees on the road to start the year! YAY!(Yes, a depleted roster, but a good start, nonetheless.) I like what I see from Jackie Bradley! I hope Lester and Buch keep up the good work! Keep going! GO SOX!

Wow, the Red Sox are trailing for the first time in 2013. Life is still good, they’re in first place.

Victorino tried scoring from second base and was out, but I love when players are aggressive. As long as they don’t get too crazy out there.

I have confidence in Lester and Buchholz, but Dempster, Doubront, and Lackey I have little faith in that trio.

I watched the Indians the other night and it was weird to see Francona in the Cleveland dugout. His Tribe are off to a 2-0 start and it was great watching Masterson get the win vs Toronto.

I know it’s early but the Yankees are going nowhere in 2013. I’m thinking 5th place for NY when it is all said and done. They might finish above .500 but they’ll miss the playoffs this year.

I’ll say Boston wins anywhere from 83-87. I think their bullpen will be solid but I’m skeptical when it comes to their starting pitching.

As I’m writing this Dempster just served up a HR to Gardner. Dempster got roughed up in the AL last year when he was with the Rangers. In 69 innings with Texas he allowed 10 longballs.

Sounds like Papi is about to come off the DL, roughly in a week. I hope his heel will allow him to play, and won’t either nag at him or lead to other injuries.
I hope this will be the occasion for Jackie Bradley to get a little more seasoning in the minors. He’s close, but he can use the AAA time.
I don’t have much faith in Dempster, either, but if he can keep us in games, like he did last night, that will be a help. Hanrahan, on the other hand…
I think you’re about right, Brian, with your projection of 83-87 wins. If we do that, regardless of where we finish in the standings, I’ll be happy. We’re not there yet, I think we’re headed in the right direction!

Agreed, Bradley should go down and put Nava’s bat in left. Also Iglesias earned shortstop. His fielding has been perfect and he’s hitting .450, hello. Drew should back up injured infielders. If Papi is not ready, let Ciriaco DH. Those changes and the Red Sox would stay in first.

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