Iglesias to start Home Opener

Jose Iglesias will get the thrill of playing in Monday’s home opener, as Stephen Drew will need an extra day at Double-A Portland thanks to a postponement on Saturday.

Drew, who sustained a concussion on March 7, will make his debut for the Red Sox on Wednesday.

“I think just talking with him late yesterday afternoon, he felt an additional eight to 10 at-bats would be helpful,” said Red Sox manager John Farrell. “He’s starting to feel much more comfortable but he felt like two additional games, to go nine innings each day, would put him in a better position to return to us.”

Meanwhile, Iglesias was back in the lineup on Sunday after missing Saturday’s game with a bruised right forearm.

“Yeah, and even yesterday, he was available yesterday but we had planned a down day for him, day game after the night game, just trying to balance guys’ not being accustomed to the turf here, which is the same reason Napoli is DH-ing today with Daniel at first. Jose is fully ready to go,” said Farrell.

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It looks like Iglesias is really making great strides this year. I hope he doesn’t get dinged on the forearm too often, as we can really use a consistent glove on the field! In a way, as much as I feel for Drew (head injuries are nothing to mess with– been there…), I am hoping that Iglesias gets the majority of the playing time. When Bogaerts is ready to come up to the bigs (whenever that may be), it would be nice to have to choose between Iglesias and Bogaerts! If Bogaerts progresses as we anticipate, and he turns out to be the real deal we think he is, the choice between them may be obvious. To have that choice, though, will be nice!

Nice job by Lester today, and great game by Will M! Keep going!


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