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Another day, another duel

So nothing could live up to Beckett-Burnett? Well, not so fast. Sabathia and Buchholz is pretty good theater so far today. CC has a no-no through five. Buchholz might be coming of age in front of our very eyes.

Still no word on a starter for Tuesday, but I’m guessing Tazawa.

That was one of the best games I’ve seen in a long time last night. If it was a playoff game, that game would be rehashed for years.

Where do you rank that catch by J.D.? Just a fantastic game. It was fun to be there for it.

In the context of the rivalry from 2003-09 — call it the Epstein-Cashman era — it was second only to July 1, 2004 in terms of regular season games. July 24, 2004 definitely had drama, and a brawl and a walkoff, but it wasn’t a GREAT game. It was more of a slugfest.

Poor Youk in left today. He’s getting exposed.

A blinking contest between Beckett, Burnett

Who will blink first? Great pitcher’s duel thus far between two former Florida Marlins gunslingers, Josh Beckett and A.J. Burnett.

It was an interesting day all-around for the Red Sox, with a notable addition (Junichi Tazawa) and subtraction (John Smoltz).

General manager Theo Epstein held court before the game, and had some good insight on the trying events of the last few days.

“We’re certainly day to day with a lot of things, if not inning to inning and pitch to pitch,” Epstein said. “Last night, we made Verizon a lot of money with the cellphones giving everything that was going on. Trying to find a way to field a full roster today and make things work. I don’t think it’s a time to make definitive statements, other then to say things will stabilize. It’s not going to stay like this and we’re going to get through it as an organization. We can’t have any firm commitments because we have to see how things shake out.”

How is Paul Byrd doing and when can he help?

“He was throwing and working out consistently, expecting a call in June or July from a club and then stopped throwing about two weeks ago,” Epstein said. “When we first called him a few days ago, he started again and was able to throw two innings against a college team. He reported today down in Fort Myers and threw. He’s got some work to do to get in game condition and to get his arm into shape. He’s probably about three weeks away from being able to help.”

It seems like the Red Sox will have three starters — Wakefield, Dice-K and Byrd — all ready to help around the same time. Wake could be a bit sooner, but he still has weakness in his calf.