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All is quiet — for now

I know everyone is getting restless because the speculation is out there on the Hot Stove front but not a whole lot has happened yet. This is the calm before the storm.

At the end of Thursday — when midnight turns to Friday — all free agents will be eligible to sign with other teams. This is where things will start to pick up.

Obviously with the Red Sox, the big domino is Jason Bay. Will they be able to keep him, and if not, who plays left field?

The Billy Wagner situation is also interesting. Could he actually stay in Boston? The likelihood is still that he will go somewhere else and the Red Sox will get compensatory draft picks.

Then, there is the shortstop situation. Who will it be? Alex Gonzalez? Omar Vizquel? Marco Scutaro? One reason I don’t see them signing Scutaro is because they are so high on Julio Iglesias as the shortstop of the future, and Iglesias might only be a year or two away.

They spoke with John Lackey’s agent, but I don’t see that as a vialbe option. As the most accomplished starter on the market, Lackey is likely going to get big bucks from someone this winter, and when it comes to starting pitchers in their 30s, that someone is usually not the Red Sox.

Red Sox breathe sigh of relief on Gonzalez

The Red Sox have one less thing to worry about, as follow-up X-rays on Alex Gonzalez’s right wrist taken this morning came back negative, according to the Boston Herald.

The shortstop was hit by a Kerry Wood fastball on Friday night and given a fluoroscan exam, which was inconclusive. The Red Sox were a little concerned when they saw a line in the flouroscan. But all worries were pushed aside with this morning’s more comprehensive test.

The Sox can ill-afford to lose Gonzalez for any lenght of time, given the health concerns for backup shorstops Jed Lowrie and Nick Green.

Iron Man Gonzalez rests for a day

When Alex Gonzalez was re-acquired by the Red Sox on Aug. 14, manager Terry Francona aid that it was nice to have a shortstop he could throw out there every day. Tito meant it pretty literally.

Gonzalez started his first 17 games in Boston stint, Part Deux, before finally getting a respite on Saturday. Nick Green made the start at short.

The scheduled day off for Gonzo explains why he was the only regular to play all nine innings of Friday’s 12-2 loss. In fact, seven starters exited in the bottom of the fifth.

What has Gonzalez given the Red Sox since coming back in the fold?

“Just what we expected,” Francona said. “It shouldn’t be a surprise because he’s always been that good. We’ve seen it in person, we’ve seen it from afar, now we’re seeing it in person again. It’s such a stabilizing factor. You hit it that way, you’re out. He’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Despite some injury woes Gonzalez had in the near three seasons he was with the Reds, Francona has seen pretty much the same player he remembers.

“I don’t detect a dropoff,” Francona said. “The way I said it before, you can tell he had a knee [surgery]. When he walks, anybody that’s ever had a knee scoped, you can just tell. He’s played in every game. Day game after a night game. He’s good.”