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Price detects flaw in delivery


David Price had a  good discussion with reporters today, detecting  some flaws he picked up,  with help from Dustin  Pedroia.

What did he find? “I mean still execution, absolutely. But you know I had a good talk with Pedey today, he showed me some stuff. You know he was just watching video of himself hitting off lefties and I came into that video and he showed me — you know, we were talking in the food room — and he was like, ‘Man, something, you know something doesn’t like right. Something looks a little off.’ And he showed me a picture of myself in 2012, 13, 14, and then you know, what I’ve done so far this year. It’s a simple fix for myself to not be able to feel that, or to pick up on that, to me that’s the most frustrating thing. ‘Cause I know I’m very good at making adjustments on the fly and you know I didn’t pick that up. It’s something I’ve said many times — I’ve said it this year, whenever I talk to other pitchers or to you know at baseball camps, it’s something that I always say. I want my hands and my right leg or my right knee to be connected by a string. Whenever my knee goes up, I want my hands to go up. Whenever my knee goes back down, I want my hands to go back down.

“My hands have stayed right here. And that’s not allowing me to get my full leg lift. It’s been about a half of a leg lift of what I’m used to and it takes away you know the rhythm of what I do out there on the mound and whenever my hands stay here, I have to be able to time it up perfect for me to be able to execute that pitch. It gives me no margin of error because I don’t have that rhythm.

“I’m not putting myself in my normal power position, absolutely. My leg lift, it at least comes up to my belt if not a little bit higher. And for right now, it’s getting about right here — it’s almost a slidestep out of the windup. And you know I’ll fix that tomorrow and hopefully Thursday I’ll go out there and I’ll be back to my normal self.

Nice to have  Pedroia help out? “Absolutely, it’s definitely appreciated. We’re 25 pieces to a puzzle. Everybody has to do their job. And I’m always talking to hitters, young old it doesn’t matter. I’m sitting in the cage, I’m watching ‘em swing. If they ask me something, I want to tell ‘em what I think, how certain pitchers are gonna pitch them. What I look for with certain hitters, whether their hands start real high or they start open and they close themselves off, how I would attack that hitter. Everybody can help everybody. And to have Pedey kind of — it took two minutes. It’s easy, and it’s something I definitely appreciated and I’ll make the according adjustments and get back out there.


“It’s tough. This is definitely a time period where I wanted to throw the baseball well. You know, to come here and to not pitch you know the way that I know that I’m capable of with a new team and you know a team that I’ve been a rival against for pretty much six seasons. I wanted to, I know my teammates know how I can throw that baseball and I know our fan base knows that as well. I definitely wanted to start off well, because that’s — whenever you put yourself behind the 8-ball like I’ve done, it makes it tough. It does. But I’m going to be alright. I’m going to bounce back from this, I’m going to get through this and I’m going to finish strong.”


You seem relieved? “Absolutely. And when he said it, so much stuff clicked. It makes so much sense. To me that’s the most frustrating part. Whatever my ERA, is a 7, or whatever it is, that’s frustrating. But, to know that it’s something so small and to not be able to pick up on that, even before I pitch every game, I’m watching video and I’m into the things that I see, and to to not be able to pick up on that, that’s not like me. It stinks.”

Salary in your head? “I don’t think so. I really don’t. I don’t think about the amount of money I make.  Honestly, I don’t, every 14 or 15 days when we get paid, I don’t’ know what my paycheck looks like. I’m not going to ask my agent. I’m not going to sit down and do the math. I don’t spend money. I don’t live a lavish lifestyle. I wear free Jordan stuff  to the field every day. The money that I spend is probably on Amazon and that’s with stuff I need for the house and stuff like that. I’m the same guy. I’m not going to let my struggles affect me. The amount of money that I make, I’m not going to change. I can’t change. I love this game. I put everything I have into it. It’s why I show up to the field the time that I show up and the reason I work as hard as I work. I love it.”

Pressure not getting to you? “That’s the guy I’ve been since I was 14 years old. I’ve been looked at  as that guy for as long as I can remember. It’s not new to me, honestly. I feel like that’s the norm. That’s something I feel like I’ve always been able to handle and I’m not pitching well because of that. I’m just, I haven’t pitched well. I know that I will and I know that my teammates and my coaching staff, they have that confidence in me to be able to turn it around. This is the worst seven-game stretch I’ve ever had in my career, I think. I’m pretty sure it is. For me, I know, it’s got to get better [knocks on wood], it can’t get any worse than what’s going on right now. It’s tough but I’m mentally strong. I can get through this.”

Worry that your performance has hurt team? “I guess our bullpen could have logged less innings. We’ve had other guys that have picked up that slack. Porcello has thrown the ball really well. Buchholz has pitched well his past couple of starts deep in the game. Steven Wright, he’s been phenomenal all year long. I’ve been the weakest link. That’s unacceptable from my end but the other four guys, they’ve picked it up. They’ve picked up my slack. That’s what good teams do.”

Affecting you off the field? “I try and let it go whenever I leave the field. I don’t want it to affect my relationships outside of baseball. I don’t want it to trickle into my family or to my girlfriend or just my friends. That was tough, absolutely. I didn’t lose sleep. I went to sleep probably a little earlier last night than I would have but I wanted to get back to the field tomorrow, flush it, and get here to do my work.”

Biggest takeaway? “Probably just trying to get on top of the baseball. Not being on the side and that’s an adjustment that I’ll go through and it looks different right now but I think it can also cause a lot of good things as  well.”

Price responds to Papi

After David Ortiz ripped David Price for plunking him in the back, the lefty responded on Saturday.

Was Price surprised that Big Papi crushed him with so many verbal barbs?

“Not really. He was mad. So I get it,” Price said. “We all say stupid stuff when we’re mad. Been there. I’m sure he probably wishes he wouldn’t have said some of the things he said. You can’t relate the game that we play to a war. Kellen Winslow got a lot ofr crap for saying he was a soldier. You’re not a soldier. This is not war. We have troops fighting for us that are in a war. It’s not a good comparison.”

Did it both Price what Ortiz said?

“No. It didn’t bother me. Not one bit, honestly, It really didn’t. I’m not worried about it. Keep going,” Ortiz said.