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Game 1 of ALDS — Sox and Angels

As a sports follower, this is my favorite day of the whole year. Game 1 of the playoffs. Baseball going on all day.

The Phillies won their first postseason game since 1993, I’m sure the fans there are going crazy. The Cubs imploded against the Dodgers. I’m sure the fans there are going crazy in an entirely different kind of way. By the way, I know people don’t want to hear about Manny anymore, but that home run he hit was positively ridiculous. He literally golfed it out of the dirt and put it into the seats.

Now here we are, Game On! Lester against Lackey. Beckett had another good day, throwing long toss. Tomorrow is the big test, as he tries to throw a side session. If he’s unable to throw on the side, I think you can pretty much pencil Wake in for Game 3.

Without further ado, tonight’s starting lineups.

Red Sox
Ellsbury — CF
Pedroia — 2B
Ortiz — DH
Youkilis — 1B
Drew — RF
Bay — LF
Lowell — 3B
Lowrie — SS
Varitek — C

Lester — SP

Figgins — 3B
Anderson — LF
Teixeira — 1B
Guerrero — DH
Hunter — CF
Kendrick — 2B
Napoli — C
Matthews — RF
Aybar — SS

Lackey — SP