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Audition time brings back memories

With the Red Sox set to give Lars Anderson and Josh Reddick fairly extended looks down the stretch, it brings back memories to the last time Boston was out of a pennant race at this point of the season.

That would be 2006, when a young player named Dustin Pedroia got his feet wet in the Major Leagues down the stretch.

In Pedroia’s 31-game audition, he hit .191 with two homers and seven RBIs, rotating between second base and shortstop.

Manager Terry Francona had some interesting recollections of that time before Wednesday’s game.

“He didn’t look too good,” Francona said. “I remember — that’s all I heard was this kid’s
so good. All I did was make outs and then he went to Spring Training
and he started the year and made outs and then what everybody in the
organization said was true was. He’s a tremendous player. They pretty much nailed it with him. They said he’ll probably
start slow and he’ll end up being a great player. That’s about what he

Do Francona and Pedroia ever recall those days?

“Oh yeah, I talked to him all the time,” Francona said. “He laughs now. I don’t think it was too funny then. We had given him two days off in a row and played [Alex] Cora. And [then-bench coach Brad Mills] went up to him in the shower and said something like, ‘you’re playing tomorrow kid, let’s go.’ Pedey was scared to death of Millsy at the time which is funny now when you look back. He tells that story all the time. He goes, ‘I was kind of feeling it. And then that day in Minnesota he had a couple of hits and never turned back.”

Pedroia back to the DL

You wonder how much more the Red Sox can take. Kevin Youkilis is out for the year. Jacoby Ellsbury probably is too. Mike Cameron is out for the year. And now Dustin Pedroia is back on the disabled list with recurring pain in his foot after just two days of action.

Now, the Red Sox will try to stay afloat in the pennant race with their invaluable sparkplug again out for an indefinite period of time.

Will he back once the 15-day DL stint has expired?

“I don’t know, it’s probably not fair to Pedey to say that,” said Red Sox manager Terry Francona. “When it heals, he’ll play. When he does play, we might have to not play him every day. If we can play him without risk to him hurting himself, we would love to do that. But not until [then].”

Pedroia fractured the navicular bone in his left foot on June 25 at San Francisco. He came back on Tuesday night and started two straight days and was originally in Thursday’s lineup. But during batting practice before Thursday’s game, Pedroia wasn’t running well and was scratched.

The hope is that he would feel better when he woke up on Friday. Instead, Pedroia felt worse, and it was decided that a return to the disabled list was the best course of action.

“I’m going back on the DL. I’m not feeling very good,” Pedroia said. “I played those two games and tried to do it and then yesterday I couldn’t do much and then today was a lot worse. They’re backing me off and not letting me do anything.”

Pedroia, however, wanted to emphasize that he hasn’t done further damage to his foot. In fact, a CT-scan taken by Boston’s medical staff on Friday proved that. The foot is simply still healing.

“They did a scan and while it showed really good healing, it also showed that there’s still probably some healing to go,” said Francona. “I think the layman’s version is that they tried to impress upon him a lot that if it hurt, you better tell us, because then you’re going to hurt yourself. He did that, and we give him some credit.”

To replace Pedroia on the roster, the Red Sox selected the contract of Yamaico Navarro from Triple-A Pawtucket. The 22-year-old Navarro hails from the Dominican Republic. He can play second, short and third. Jed Lowrie and Bill Hall are likely to get the majority of starts at second base while Pedroia is out.

Pedroia is confident he won’t be shut down for the season.

“I don’t think so,” Pedroia said. “From what they told me, it’s just not all the way healed so it’s going to hurt so I’m still at risk for other things so that’s why they kind of shut me down. I’ve got to make sure I’m OK. If I hurt myself bad, it could not mess me up for next year, it could mess me up for my career. Hopefully I don’t do that.”

Pedroia is back; Will the Red Sox follow?

The day most of you have been waiting for since, oh, June 26. Dustin Pedroia is back in Boston’s lineup, batting second, and on his 27th birthday no less.

Now I’ll ask all of you this. Will his return spark a return back to the heart of contention? Or is it just too late, and are there just too many other injuries for the Red Sox to compete with New York and Tampa Bay?

Let me know what all of you think. I’m taking an unofficial poll of Red Sox Nation right here tonight!

Pedroia one week away

Close your eyes right now and open them exactly seven days from now and Dustin Pedroia should be standing at second base for the Red Sox for their game at Fenway Park against the Angels.

Yes, Pedroia passed his running tests with flying colors today. The only thing he didn’t do was run the bases, which he will do tomorrow and Thursday. As long as that goes off without incident, he will have one last check-up with Dr. George Theodore on Friday and then go play for Pawtucket for two games (Saturday and Sunday) before joining the Sox.

Look for Jason Varitek to come back in late August or early September. He has consistently been a week to 10 days behind Pedroia in terms of recovery.

Lowell still here, but for how long?

Mike Lowell is again not on the active roster, despite the fact his Minor League rehab assignment ended last Wednesday. Sounds like something will happen one way or another within the next 1-2 days.

Kevin Youkilis left the game with a jammed right thumb. If that had been any kind of a significant injury, Lowell’s presence could have come in handy. We will have more on Youk after the game.

Mike Cameron is shutting it down for a while. He was placed on the disabled list today, with Daniel Nava getting called back up from Pawtucket. Nava probably shouldn’t apply for that change of address form just yet though. Jacoby Ellsbury should be back within the next few days, at which point Nava will probably get sent back down.

What is going on with Dustin Pedroia? He can basically do everything but run at full speed. When he runs, he still “feels it” a little bit. That means the broken bone has not completely healed. Once that happens, his return to the lineup should be fairly quick.

Red Sox getting into dangerous territory

The Red Sox arrived here in Anaheim tonight at the point in their season where they simply cannot fall any further back then they are in the standings if October is going to be any kind of realistic possibility.

Before even taking the field today, the Red Sox lost a half-game in the standings to both the Rays, who got a Matt Garza no-hitter against the Tigers and the Yankees, who notched a 3-2 win over Cleveland.

A loss tonight would drop the Sox nine games behind the Yankees in the American League East and six in back of the Rays in the Wild Card. In other words, they DESPERATELY need Clay Buchholz to out-duel Dan Haren in this one.

As for other news of the day:

One clear positive note was the return of Victor Martinez, who batted sixth . Another? Jacoby Ellsbury started his rehab in the Minors. Dustin Pedroia did some running before the game, and it didn’t go as well as he hoped. Still no word on exactly when Pedroia will return. A big part of it will be how his CT-scan goes in Boston on Friday.

But you have to wonder: Will the Red Sox still be within striking distance in the race(s) when they get all their big guns back?

At this hour, that is a very tough question to answer. 

Beckett is back, others might not be far behind

Things are officially looking up for the Red Sox, as Josh Beckett’s first start since May 18 is currently in progress.

Returns to the active roster could become commonplace over the next couple of weeks.

* The next to be back in the lineup? Most likely Victor Martinez. The catcher will work with Clay Buchholz in the bullpen before tomorrow’s game and if he doesn’t feel any discomfort in his fractured thumb, that is a sign that he could return soon, maybe even in Anaheim.

“I mean, if I feel like I felt yesterday, I’m just days away. We’ll see what happens,” Martinez said.

* Then there is Dustin Pedroia. The second baseman will have his fractured left foot checked out by a doctor while the team is in Anaheim, but is unlikely to have clearance to remove his walking boot until a week from today, when he gets a CT-scan in Boston. Don’t talk to Pedroia about a Minor League rehab assignment. He is simply not interested.

“I’ll talk to Theo and Tito, everybody, but it depends how we’re doing as a team,” said Pedroia. “We’re trying to get everybody back as fast as possible and I think the Red Sox need us more than the PawSox do.”

* As for Pedroia’s replacements at second, Jed Lowrie was the one who got the start Friday. But Francona said not to take that as a slight at Bill Hall, who made two errors on Thursday and played in left tonight.

“I actually think he’s done a pretty good job,” Francona said. “He’s made some errors. Last night, that play for me was bang bang, I think he has to [throw it]. I don’t see how he eats that ball. If he eats it, everybody’s going to say, what the hell … The throw is off line and it’s costly. That happens. When you lose Pedroia, you can’t replace Pedroia with Pedroia. That’s not how it works. I think he’s done a really good job for us. But against the left-hander, I wanted Jed to play tonight so I guess the best way to do it was to play him at second.”

* Michael Bowden got caught in a roster crunch today as the Sox needed to send someone down to make room for Beckett. It was no slight at how he pitched.

“I’m obviously disappointed, but I had a feeling that this was going to happen,” Bowden said. “But I also have a feeling that I’ll be back sooner rather than later. Every time out there, I got a little more comfortable, a little more relaxed. I think it’s just about getting more repetitions, more appearances, so I can really feel 100 percent comfortable out there and do my job.”  

Lowell, others getting healthier

Dustin Pedroia is still a few weeks away. Same with Jason Varitek. Same probably for Jacoby Ellsbury, Jed Lowrie and Victor Martinez. But some other bodies are getting healthy.

Manny Delcarmen returned to the mix tonight after being down for two weeks with a forearm strain. Clay Buchholz gets back Wednesday when he pitches in Oakland. Josh Beckett could well be the next day in Seattle.

And there was even a Mike Lowell update today. The 3B/1B/DH will have a cortisone shot on his right hip on Monday and be back playing in a Minor League rehab assignment by Thursday. The question for Lowell is, when he does come back, will it be for the Red Sox or another team?

The Rangers are interested again, though they are monitoring all available corner infielders.

“I think there’s been rumors since the Winter Meetings of last year,” said Lowell. “If something happens, I don’t think that changes the way I feel about my teammates or the city or the fans. Those are all positives for me. I love Miami too. So, I don’t see why it changes, or it’s always a bad thing. I do know I enjoy playing baseball and I’m doing that less this year than I ever have. I don’t know. I’ve heard talks, but I’ve heard talks for eight months. I have no idea. I don’t know the situations other teams are in, whether it’s a need or what, I don’t really care to know either. I think you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to break down every team. I just want to be in a position where I can play.”

Friday injury updates from hot, steamy Fenway

It’s a scorcher out here at Fenway tonight. You want the requisite injury updates? Here you go. ‘

Third baseman Adrian Beltre is in the lineup tonight, apparently over the hamstring woes that troubled him through the All-Star break.

Manny Delcarmen will be back in the Boston bullpen tomorrow evening after successfully completing his one-day rehab.

Dustin Pedroia is off crutches and doing some light weight-bearing activities. He is probably stuck in the walking boot for another week or two, and then he can ramp back up. In other words, Pedroia won’t play for the Red Sox before August, not that it’s that big a surprise.

Jason Varitek is a couple of weeks behind Pedroia, and will remain in crutches for the time being.

In the meantime, nothing like a little pressure for young lefty Felix Doubront. The Red Sox badly need a win tonight with Cliff Lee looming tomorrow.

All-Star Monday with a M*A*S*H update

The Red Sox, as is their annual custom, took up an entire corner of the room at the All-Star media Monday.

Some interesting nuggets.

It has been assumed that Red Sox righty Clay Buchholz would return to the rotation and pitch on Friday night at Fenway against the Rangers. That is no longer a safe assumption. Buchholz said he will pitch Monday, but it’s not certain to be in Boston.

A Minor League rehab assignment is possible, especially since lefty Felix Doubront, who filled in for Buchholz in his last start, is still on the roster. Pawtucket plays at Syracuse on Friday night, so that wouldn’t be a particularly long road trip.

“I’m ready to go,” said Buchholz. “I’ve gotten a whole lot better in the last couple of days, too. Definitely feeling ready to go. I don’t know where I’ll be pitching for sure on Friday but they definitely said I was pitching Friday.”

Asked about the possibility of the Minors, Buchholz said,  “It could be. It’s three weeks off. It  would sort of be hard to throw me right into the fire. I think I’m going to feel strong just throwing the couple of bullpens I’ve already gthrown. I feel good, I feel strong”

The original hope for catcher Victor Martinez is that he would be back shortly after the All-Star break. But the fractured tip of Martinez’s left thumb isn’t healing as quickly as originally hoped.

“As soon as the pain goes down, I’m going to at least be able to put my glove in there and be able to go out and play,” said Martinez. “Unfortunately I just can’t put my hand in the glove. That’s the thing. It’s painful. I tried. It’s tough.”

Dustin Pedroia hopes to take a positive step forward on Friday when he gets a follow-up CT-scan on his fractured left foot.

As for Jacoby Ellsbury, his agent Scott Boras wanted to make it clear that the outfielder was not trying to disassociate himself from the team when he trained at the Athletes Performance Institute in Tempe, Ariz. over the last month.

“There’s a lot of people, certain journalists, who just don’t have the right facts,” Boras said. “The cooperation has been great with the organization. I spoke with Terry [Francona] four or five times and Theo [Epstein] many times. We’ve been on the same page throughout. These are decisions of Jacoby’s medical care and his physical therapy, all these thigns were made mutually. It’s been a very cooperative environment. Good communication with everybody and we knew what was going on and why and it was all by agreement.”

“I think Jacoby described the set of circumstances he was operating under and the information he was operating under. I think that accurately potrays what occurred and the key thing is that I’m just telling you, responsibly between Theo and myself and and Jacoby and Terry, it’s all been very fluid, it’s all been very understood. There’s been no question about what he should or shouldn’t do. The team in fact chose where Jacoby would train in Arizona. That was not anything we suggested. That was a group they’re comfortable with and Jacoby was comfortable with. It was a very cooperate effort.”


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