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Elimination Night?

For the first time this season, the Red Sox have come to the park knowing that their postseason hopes could be cover by the time the night is over.

It has felt almost inevitable for a while, and it comes with some irony that tonight’s opponent is the White Sox. While many defeats have been crushing for Boston this season, I’ll always think that the finishing blow of this season came on September 5, that Sunday afternoon at Fenway against the White Sox when Jonathan Papelbon had the 48-pitch blown save.

Last night’s game at Yankee Stadium was the last straw, just a truly crushing defeat.

With the Yankees’ game starting one hour before Boston’s, the Red Sox could be eliminated before their game even finishes. If the Red Sox win tonight and the Yankees lose, their hopes — however slight — will last one more day.

Also, Manny Ramirez’s lack of impact with the White Sox has been nothing short of striking. He is hitting .242 with one homer and two RBIs since coming over from the Dodgers.