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Game 2 of the ALCS — More Problems For Beckett

If you’re concerned, you should be. Josh Beckett has come out and gotten hit hard through three innings. Everyone was hoping his Game 3 start against the Angels was just a fluke of rustiness. While Josh isn’t laboring to that degree, the Rays are making solid contact against him.

I’m not sure it’s realistic to expect Beckett will suddenly put the Red Sox on his back this postseason. Lester will have to keep being that guy.

That said, the Boston bats have done a great job against Kazmir, who threw 87 pitches in the first four innings.

Also, David Ortiz‘s comments were very provocative after Game 1, saying that he saw different faces on the Rays than in the regular season. In other words, they weren’t the same care-free team they were during the regular season. It was extremely interesting to hear Rays manager Joe Maddon back those comments before Game 2:

“I agree, and I did see it,” said Maddon. “That was our first foray into that situation yesterday and I’d like to believe we’re going to come out and be more typical today. But I can’t disagree with him.”

Tonight, we will find out what kind of series this is going to be. Remember, when the Indians beat the Sox in Game 2 of last year’s ALCS, that basically set up a seven-game series.