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Hot Stove, Cool Music tix available

Though Theo Epstein left the Red Sox for the Cubs a couple of years ago, he continues to maintain roots in his hometown. Epstein is coming back to Boston play guitar with Peter Gammons and the Hot Stove All-Stars (featuring Bill Janovitz of Buffalo Tom, Tanya Donelly of Belly, Paul Barrere of Little Feat, Cubs play-by-play guy Len Kasper and Seth Justman of J Geils Band) for his annual Hot Stove/Cool Music concert on January 11 at the Paradise on Commonwealth Avenue.

Other performers include The Baseball Project, which features Mike Mills of REM, as well as Fenway organist Josh Kantor. Also on the bill are Trigger Hippy (featuring Joan Osborne and members of the Black Crowes), Howie Day, Kingsley Flood and Kay Hanley.

All of the proceeds benefit the Foundation To Be Named Later, which supports local non-profits that assist at-risk kids, such as Horizons for Homeless Children, BELL and the Home For Little Wanderers.

Tix are $40 and doors open at 6 p.m. To purchase tickets, click here:

Stove is getting fired up

Rumors are starting to turn into action, and it didn’t take long, as today was Day One of the General Managers Meetings in Orlando. The Marlins made two deals, signing a new catcher in John Buck while trading slugger Dan Uggla to the Braves.

So what will be on Theo Epstein’s docket? The Red Sox’s GM spoke to the Boston media today from Orlando on several subjects. Full disclosure. I am not covering the GM Meetings. So I will print some of Epstein’s quotes, attributing them to their source.

The bullpen was obviously a glaring weakness last year and Epstein does not rule out making a multi-year offer to a free agent reliever. Scott Downs and Joaquin Benoit are two of the more intriguing names in on the market.

“There’s a good chance of it,” Epstein said in a quote that was printed on “I’m not opposed to the right multi-year deal for the right reliever. If it’s a reasonable multi-year deal that adds some value to the club, and if it’s a pitcher whose performance, stuff, command and health gives some compelling reason to say this is a guy we can trust going forward, then sure, we’ll do a multi-year deal. What we’re trying to avoid is the over-reaction of a pitcher who has an up-and-down career, who happens to have one good year and then you’ve locked yourself into a three-year deal for that pitcher and you’re surprised when they don’t live up to it and it really hamstrings you. That’s the type of thing you want to avoid. No club operates in a vacuum. You can’t just pick the player, pick the contract that you want. You have to be competitive in the marketplace. So you just work hard to find the most reasonable deals you can and move forward.”

Epstein also reiterated the club’s confidence that Jarrod Saltalamacchia can be a considerable part of the catching equation in 2011.

“We’ll probably have a more experienced guy than him on the roster as well, but I think we’re comfortable with him in a role anywhere from backup to job share to everyday guy, depending on how the rest of the club shapes up,” Epstein said in a quote on “We like him. Obviously we liked him from a scouting standpoint. We took an opportunity to buy low after he’d been through a rough period.  He really impressed the staff, which had no vested interest in it. He really opened some eyes, from the manager (Terry Francona) to (catching instructor and bullpen coach) Gary Tuck to the pitching coach. The way he handled the pitchers, the way he threw, the way he conducted himself in the clubhouse, he was impressive to everybody.”

The GM added that the club isn’t afraid to take chances on young players within the organization.

“At some point you’ve got to give a chance to young players, let them build value, and he’s one of those guys. (Jed) Lowrie is potentially another. (Ryan) Kalish is potentially another. We’re not going to have high-profile solutions to all our needs, so it’s good to have those alternatives you can turn to,” Epstein said.

While the Sox will be active when it comes to talking to agents for free agents, Epstein said that trades are preferable.

“Generally I’d rather through trades. When you make trades, you tend to capture players who are closer to the primes of their careers and you’re paying through acquisition costs for future performance,” Epstein said in a blog printed by “In free agency, often times you’re paying for past performance. That said, we’ll proably do a little bit of both. Ideally, you have a surplus of everything and you can make trades and fill all your needs while staying out of the free agent market. But that’s not the reality. The reality is free agency is a necessity at times for teams that try to compete every single year. When there’s elite players available in free agency, that’s a great way to acquire talent beca ause then you’re getting an elite player and not surrendering your best young talent to get it.”

Still waiting for the 2010 Red Sox to take shape

It has been six weeks since the Red Sox were unceremoniously dispatched by the Angels in a humbling three-game Division Series sweep and we still don’t know anything more about the 2010 team now than we did the day after the season ended.

This is the way offseasons can go. They can be slow to develop. We’ve seen some Thanksgiving blockbusters with the Red Sox in recent years. Remember Josh Beckett in 2005? Who could forget Curt Schilling two years before that? Enjoy your turkey time this year, because I would be stunned if anything develops in the next couple of days.

That said, things should start heating up next week, as GMs have to offer their six-year free agents arbitration by Dec. 1, and the Winter Meetings start on Dec. 7.

I have a feeling the Red Sox will make a very significant move this winter, but what will it be? Can they keep Bay and go out and get a star bat like Adrian Gonzalez or Miguel Cabrera? Can they land Roy Halladay and get a bat? If Bay goes, will they get Matt Holliday?

Too many balls are in the air and the first blockbuster move of the winter — no matter which team makes it — should start to set the wheels in motion.

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving. PItchers and catchers report on Feb. 18.

Red Sox are back in season

Now that the Yankees have capped off their 27th World Series championship, the work begins all over again for 30 general managers. This is their time of year. Free agents can’t start filing as early as today.

Jason Bay and Boston’s other eligible free agents aren’t eligible to sign with another team until Nov. 19.

What will this Hot Stove season bring? While the lasting image of the 2009 Red Sox is a sweep by the Angels in the Division Series, the fact of the matter is that this team is in pretty good shape going forward.

That being said, you know Theo Epstein will do something significant. The question is, exactly what?

Will there be major changes or subtle tweaks?

On a side note, it was too bad that Pedro just didn’t have it last night. I could tell from the first pitch it wasn’t going to be his night. He didn’t have that look of excitement he normally has when he knows he has his good stuff. He was so deliberate between pitches. There was little to no life on his fastball. And Matsui got him.

The next baseball game we will see will take place under the warm sun of Fort Myers. Bundle up until then!